Prize Closet Ideas

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  1. shad0ws0ngs
    So.. custom mini ideas? I have a handful, that I made up ages ago, but nothing particularly Faendryl.

    To design a custom mini, you must first come up with what you want it to look like.. but you also need to design messaging. A custom hit, a custom miss, and a custom death.. for example:
  2. shad0ws0ngs
    a Faendryl Igaesha Reader miniature - This miniature has been rafted out of onyx and worked into the form of a voluptuous female dark elf. The carved hair has been painted a stark white and the eyes crafted from chips of blood red garnet. The figurine is garbed in gown of purple and black, with a sheathed dagger in a belt. Clasped in her hands is a flat, cylindrical vial containing a light blue mist.
    Attack, hit: The Igaesha Reader takes a step forward and raises her vial, the blue mist seeping out of it and disappearing. Staring intently into the empty vial, the Igaesha Reader looks up and states “I have seen your death!”. Pulling out her dagger she slashes forward at (other mini)!
  3. shad0ws0ngs

    Attack, miss: The Igaesha Reader takes a step forward and raises her vial, the blue mist seeping out of it and disappearing. Staring intently into the empty vial, the Igaesha Reader looks up and states “I have seen your death.. but it is not today” and turns away.
    Death: The Igaesha Reader falls down, the vial clutched in her hands. Staring at it she whispers “This I did not foresee” and grows still.
  4. Zaigh
    a Faendryl enchantress miniature
    Show:A flowing scarlet cloak embroidered with silver stitched runes hangs open from the shoulders of the enchantress. Form-fitted leather armor affords scant protection to the curvacious Faendryl enchantress. Seductively held in her hands is a slender rosewood runestaff capped by a tiny faceted despanal.
    Attack:Raising her staff the <miniature> points it at the <enemy> as a tendril of scarlet energy lashes out, writhing through the air.
    Miss:Tracing a finger along the facets of the despenal atop her runestaff the <miniature> calmly regards her foe.
    Death:Leaning heavily on her runestaff, the <miniature> gives it a light kiss before weakly saying, "Another time then my love." and collapses.
  5. Xzean
    I seriously love yours Japh. Zaigh is pretty great as well. Since there have been demon summoner minis, I am at a loss after reading both of these.
  6. shad0ws0ngs
    Just an FYI to everyone, a pile of our prize closet items are now made. We are always accepting ideas and can submit for another 12 in january. Use this as a reference guide when designing ideas.
  7. shad0ws0ngs
    a despanal-eyed armband - Molded from a single piece of metal, the accessory features subtle engravings that give the appearance of multiple twisted strands merging together into a single work of art. The armband spreads open at one point like the lids of an awakening eye, displaying the despanal gem prominently as the pupil. - blank imbeddable

    a thick silver signet ring engraved with a lor tree - Custom messaging, pocketed for 1 small item if very small size.

    a soulstone-tiled thick onyx runestone case - MA, not worn

    a black leather utility kit - belt worn, MA -

    a pentacle-cut black steel pattern -

    a gold-banded thick black cigar - Cigar, with your custom messaging.

    a black vaalin lockpick inset with a pentacle-etched despanal - lockpick, vaalin quality

    a despanal-stoppered silver flask - refillable flask, should be able to hold LK

    an onyx-eyed silver pin worked into the image of an aishan -

    a gold-traced ebonwood matchbox engraved with a ornate pentacle
  8. leifastagsweed
    Just wanted to show off something that I just purchased and had customized on behalf of the Faendryl Enclave and for use to make prize closet items!

    a despanal-encrusted ebonwood case
    J>read my case
    In the Common language, it reads:
    Property of the Faendryl Enclave

    This is a magic box that converts ranger imbue amulets into lovely customized items that will look like:

    an ebonwood talisman burned with a despanal-hued pentacle
  9. shad0ws0ngs
    shad0ws0ngs - reminder - lets start coming up with 12 more ideas, folks!
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