Prize Closet Ideas

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  1. shad0ws0ngs
    We are now a tier 3 MHO, which means, amongst other things, we can make a prize closet list. This is a list of items we submit to the Guru who will run them by QC and approve or not approve them. The approved ones will be available to Officers in the MHO building and they can be bought with Enclave funds and used for prizes and such. Here is an outline to look at for designing items: .. on the MHO guide page is also a list of pre-approved types of items and a pre-approved spell list. I will leave you to find that yourselves.
  2. shad0ws0ngs
    I will post the current ideas, but it'll take a few posts, apparently. Thanks.
  3. shad0ws0ngs
    1. a flowing grey and scarlet bourde robe encircled with a crisply folded ebon silk band
    - an armor concealer, arms, legs, torso, preferably light leather through plate

    2. a black leather utility kit - Formed from durable leather dyed an unrelieved black, the kit is obviously designed for utility over fashion. Along the side of the kit are a series of narrow scabbards, several which are rhimar-throated, as well a small number of loops. Adorning the exterior is a simple stamp set into the leather, with the crest of the Palestra, a pentagram with shields and demons below it. The lack of any ornamentation indicates this was probably one of many standard-issue items.
    - belt worn container. As large as we can get it. If possible would love the bundling herb zests or the khlat zests
  4. shad0ws0ngs
    3. a pentacle-etched steel pattern
    - gem cutting pattern

    4. a black vaalin lockpick inset with a pentacle-etched despanal
    - vaalin quality lockpick

    5. an onyx-eyed silver pin worked into the image of an aishan
    - Imbedded with Mystic Focus(1711)
  5. shad0ws0ngs
    6. a despanal-capped rowan staff - Crafted from a single gnarled branch of rowan, the staff has been burnished to a high sheen. Etched along the length in a spiraling pattern are a series of runes and glyphs, terminating just above the base of the staff. Caged in mithglin a shard of red and black despanal rests at the apex of the branch, a pentagram etched into it's face.
    - 4x and vibe flaring

    7. a despanal-stoppered silver flask
    - lifekeep flask
  6. shad0ws0ngs
    8. a gold-banded thick black cigar - A thick silver band is wrapped around the cigar between a pair of gold bands. Embossed on its circular seal is a scarlet pentalce and the phrase "Enclave's Reserve."
    - sniff cigar: You raise your cigar to your nose and draw from it deeply. The nightshade and hemlock aroma of its tobacco tweaks your senses.
    - taste messaging: Exhaling in a steady stream, the rich flavors of the cigar linger against the lightest background of nightshade and hemlock scented smoke.
    - taste messaging: Moving your right hand around idly, you leave a wavy line of nightshade and hemlock scented smoke in the air.
  7. shad0ws0ngs
    9. a tiny black matchbox - Crafted from thin panels of ebonwood, the box has been etched and inlaid with silver across it's top. The silvered scene depicts a circle enclosing a pentacle. Flanking the circle to the left is a lor tree while to the right is a shield. Scrolled crisply around the outside edge in elegant script is, "The Faendryl Enclave."

    10. A despanal-pupiled armband - Molded from a single piece of metal, the accessory features subtle engravings that give the appearance of multiple twisted strands merging together into a single work of art. The armband spreads open at one point like the lids of an awakening eye, displaying the despanal gem prominently as the pupil.
    - blank imbeddable

    11. a thick silver signet ring engraved with a lor tree
    - pocketed? if not imbeddable
  8. shad0ws0ngs
    12. A soulstone-tiled thick onyx runestone case
    - belt worn, as large as we can get it.

    13. a black silk cloak held at the throat by an intricate toggle
    - if possible with Joola scripts..
    - if not possible, then a black silk cloak held at the throat by a pentacle-etched despanal


    chrism gem holder?
    Joola items?
    crystal amulet holders?
    gold ring holders?
  9. Xzean
    A scarlet pentacle amulet with a <gem> placed in the center
    - Joola or perhaps crystal amulet holder?
  10. shad0ws0ngs
    Submitted 12 of them, with inquiries about a few of the ones we weren't sure on, also asked about whether a custom mini might be doable for a raffle for frontier days.
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