Faendryl Culture/History

  1. shad0ws0ngs
    http://forum.gsplayers.com/showthrea...52#post1472152 - Loresong for one of the released Palestra Weapons.. figured it would be worth sharing. Got something Faendryl related, or historical/culturally significant? Feel free to share.
  2. leifastagsweed
    Very nice! Who won it and what's he going to do with it, more importantly?
  3. Drakkonn
    I'd be willing to pay a ridiculous amount of silver for the handaxe or the falchion. They belong in the hands of someone who RP's a Palestra!
  4. shad0ws0ngs
    Fleurs has/had the Falchion.. I bought the handaxe off someone.
  5. shad0ws0ngs
    From the Officials: In commemoration of the Tenth Anniversary of the release of the Enchiridion Valentia, Lord Vathon Kel'Driss Faendryl the Basilican Summoner will be traveling from Ta'Faendryl to the Dark Elven Embassy in Ta'Illistim to meet with Sorcerers of all races. There he will be reading excerpts from the Enchiridion Valentia, holding commentary on demonic summoning, and teaching Sorcerers in attendance some uncommon runes! He may also distribute several copies of the Enchiridion to those in attendance!

    This is the first of a six part series of events that takes place on the 25th day of Lormesta, 5113. The topic of this discussion will be Grik'Tyr.
  6. shad0ws0ngs

    OOC Note:

    This is part 1 of 6, taking place January 25th, 2013. Other events will be occurring every other month, discussing each of the valences twice. Rune teachings offered during the event will be in relation to the valence of discussion, for example, you will not be able to learn a rune from Shien'Tyr during the Lorae'Tyr discussion. Rune teachings are limited to one uncommon rune per account for the year.
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