FE Live Auction!

  1. leifastagsweed
    Hello all!

    I am beginning preparations for a seasons giving live auction hosted by the Faendryl Enclave as a fundraising celebration to help us build our house! Please contact me on PC, AIM at leifastagsweed, or Lnet if you can contribute. We already have a few wonderful items and it should be a fabulous event! If you'd like to help with the planning, please let me know as well.

    Thank you!

    High Lady Leifa, Officer of the Faendryl Enclave
  2. leifastagsweed
    December 19th (Wednesday) at 10pm eastern time, the Faendryl Enclave is going to hold our live auction. It will be held in a tent located in Wehnimer's Landing, just off TC. A good opportunity to get some last minute Thrakmas/Feast of Immortals/Lornon's Eve shopping done. Donations for the auction are appreciated, of course, and FE members will be able to consign items for a 20% fee. What a great way to support the construction of the permanent structure! Don't forget the design contest for that, too!

    Contact me if you have donation items or want to discuss any details. Volunteers for the event are also appreciated!
  3. shad0ws0ngs
    5 days, still taking donations.
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