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As an American who voted for Clinton I am not terribly worried about a Trump presidency.

Here is why:

I'm white.

I survived the Bush years. Almost everything Bush did in his 8 years I was totally against. Almost everything. Mainly it was the wars. I liked his immigration and immigrant policies. There was the dismantling of the budget surplus, housing bubble, and the market crash because of the policies from that era and it hurt me yet I'm still economically viable despite it.

I suspect that, with Obama and every president who promises things to get into office, there is a reality that they all must face. Things we the public cannot see. The briefings that Trump is getting right now are going to sober him up to the reality of the office of the POTUS' real responsibility and reach of power. Even with a Republican controlled Congress and Executive branch our political system has balanced power between the three branches that includes the minority party to even then have a say.

Four years is not a long time. I suspect we will be better for all of this in 2020.

I have a brother who has lived here most of his life. He's here illegally from the Philippines, and today I sat around and wondered how many more times I'm going to get to see him. If Trump does what he promised- will my brother be forced to leave? He barely knows the Philippines- this is his home. Where would he even go? He barely knows the family over there. And I know some of you here can't wait for my brother to leave because you feel like he's taking something from you, and he deserves it. And some of you will just find this so hilarious. But he's my brother. And I love him. And now I find myself wondering if in two years, he'll be at Christmas with us.

A colleague of mine showed up to work on the edge of tears today. Mike Pence is already talking about the LGBTQ rights he's looking forward to dismantling, and he's one of the most anti-gay elected officials in the country. He's responsible for one of the freedom to discrimination/freedom of religion bills. Her sister called her up sobbing, terrified of what this is going to mean for her. I broke down too- what does this mean for my other brother who happens to be gay? What about all of my friends?

I get how this is some major political victory for some people here. And how it's just hysterically funny to others. And I get how some of you just feel like this is no big deal- because for you it may not be.

But for some of us- this is beyond terrifying. I'm so scared for my family that I'm literally sick to my stomach.
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  1. Neveragain's Avatar
    I truly hope that this is bullshit Time4fun.

    I have spent the last couple weeks weighing the options on this and I see no other rout than to turn this information over to people that can correctly handle the information.
  2. drauz's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Neveragain
    I truly hope that this is bullshit Time4fun.

    I have spent the last couple weeks weighing the options on this and I see no other rout than to turn this information over to people that can correctly handle the information.
    Don't be a dick. Stay in your lane.
  3. Taernath's Avatar
    Being a misanthrope IS his lane.
  4. Wrathbringer's Avatar
    It's about time!!! #americafirst
  5. Neveragain's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Taernath
    Being a misanthrope IS his lane.
    Upholding our nations laws is being a misanthrope?
  6. tyrant-201's Avatar
    In Neveragain's America, we all turn each other in to the gestapo.
  7. Neveragain's Avatar
    Nice conversation this morning with a lady from DHS. I explained to her that this was not an easy decision for me to make and that I was still feeling a bit uncomfortable about the whole situation. She went on to assure me that I was doing the right thing and that there is a good probability that if the person of interest was using an SSI number and here illegally that SSI number was obtained by means of identity theft. She explained that the identity theft aspect of it alone is costing tax payers 10's of billions of dollars annually. It also turns out that they offer a reward, so I guess there's that.

    Anyhow I have an appointment at their local office next week, will post info as more becomes available. I have to admit I do feel a little better about taking action after I got off the phone.
  8. tyrant-201's Avatar
    Yeah you're full of shit
  9. Wrathbringer's Avatar
    That post by time4dung is hilarious. "I broke down too" LOLOLOL
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