View Full Version : New site dedicated to Niima

10-28-2004, 08:59 AM
My rogue is an avid follower of Niima.

I am gathering lectures, speeches, songs and stories about Niima.

There are so many different ideas about NIima and lately I have been hearing and reading things that would bother my character.

So a new project!

I did a google and came up with some nice stuff but its spread out over many years and many websites. So I am trying to consolidate them to one site.

If you have anything to submit or a site I should read or look at please send me a u2u.

Also if you have any suggestions for the site. I am an amature at all this but I think it looks nice.

Tonight I have a few more pages to add of my own stuff and a paper by Truekllr as well as gs information to get a spot on their link page.