View Full Version : What do those stats mean for my character?

05-31-2005, 09:15 AM
Just a little info on the basics, from a buddy of mine, that I thought y'all might find useful:

STR = 2 points of attack power per point (except for rogues and hunters who get 1 point of attack power from STR and 1 from AGI). You also boost blocking for those that can use sheilds.

AGI = 2 points of AC per point, +1% crit for ranged & melee for each 20 points of AGI (rogues require 29 AGI for this and hunters require 53 AGI but both of them have huge AGI gear sets and tricks to boost their stuff normally so it balances out), in addition 20 AGI also grants you +1% dodge chance (rogues get boosted every 14.5 AGI and hunters get boosted every 26.5 for the same reasons listed above under crit chance).

STA = 10 hit points

INT = 15 mana points & each 100 points of INT = +1% spell crit chance.

SPI = Regen rate appears to be about 1MP per 5 SPI per tic (a tic is 2 seconds) and about 1HP per 9 SPI per tic. Some have suggested a more complicated formulae such as MP = 13 + (SPI/4) but to be honest what we are talking about here is about 60 to 90 MP per tic at 300 SPI (hence the regen in combat stuff blows as 15% of that is about 10MP which is junk) and about half that for health. There is no SPI regen for HP in combat or for 5 seconds after casting a spell, so for caster classes essentially no MP regen usually unless you get items of "X mana every 5 secs" or stop casting for a really really long time. As a druid we are the only SPI freindly caster as we can shift and regen while in form and still be usefull unlike other casters who just go AFK.

POWER = Attack power increases your base melee DPS by 1 for every 14 attack power. So faster weapons min max damage shifts differently than slow weapons. The average damage increase shifts by 1 though (this does not take into account your targets armor and their damage mitigators).

DEF = Better for warriors and those who can use more defensive counter measures. It increases the chance of being missed by an attack, increases the chance to dodge, parry, and block, decreases the chance of being affected by a critical hit, decreases the chance of being affected by a "crushing blow" (Creatures that are higher level than your character can land crushing blows that deal increased melee damage. The chance of a crushing blow increases as the level difference between you and the opposing creature increases. Players never deal "crushing blows", only creatures.)

RESIST = If you are not in melee then AGI & STR does little for you. Your damage will come from spells and ability effects and thus you may want to defend against that instead and trust your tanks to protect you (this especially works for healer classes that hang out in the back ranks and need to worry more about silence than someone smacking them). Druids can buff their stats with IMotW to get a great +27 resist to everything to help start their defense on this. Without going insane you can put togather a good +60 to +80 to all resist set and as needed spike specific resists into the 200 range. Resisting fear, debuffs, curses, spell nukes can be much better than taking more mana to heal them or mroe hitpoints to survive them. In PvP high shadow & fire resist makes most casters cry.

LINK: Blizzard's explanation/tables on Resistances (http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/info/basics/resistances.html)