View Full Version : Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (Beta)

06-26-2007, 08:42 AM
I got into the beta, and man... I usually hate FPS'. Not this time.

Remember the awesomeness that was Return to Castle Wolfenstien on the assault-type mode? It's like that, but amazinger.

The online mode is kinda like an RPG, in that for each three rounds, you gain exp in a certain area and get bonuses for using that skill... 4 levels of each of four skills. For soldiers, I know it's Soldier- with some fun stuff, Small Arms-bigger clips, etc, Vehicles- earn better armor, vehicle drops, etc, and Battlesense- faster sprint speed, etc. Other professions have other skills to improve.

The cool thing is that you don't necessarily have to be really good at aiming to be any good at the game. I hated that about UT after a while, is that online, it was all about the instant death... first one to click on target was the wiener. Not so much here. It's all about battle strategy. A well-oiled team of parkinson's patients can beat a team of unorganized pieced of grabastic marksmen any day.

Oh, and engineers can build deployable turrets to wtfpwn vehicles, infantry, shoot artillery, and defend against enemy artillery. Each team is very different, too. The "alien" forces can even use dead bodies of the opposing team as a one-person spawn point.

The graphics are rather good, as well. Unlimited horizons, a new way of rendering textures to eliminate graphical anomolies and all that. I haven't seen any clipping at all. Not once. Hell, CoD 2 clipped like hell... this game makes CoD2 (the last FPS I even got remotely into) look like Wolf3d. Ok, maybe not that drastic, but it's good.

Lets see... that's about it. It's a rather fun game, and I don't even really like FPS'.