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06-16-2006, 05:35 AM
Hello there,

The text-based game "Loutrak, the Land of Wars" (http://loutrak.murpe.com/) is looking for writers for world content, system designers, description writers for rooms (builders) and play-testers/players. No experience is required, but ability to communicate effectively (and use proper spelling and grammar for builders) is needed. Training will be provided.

We are in the early stages of developement and appreciate all comments and suggestions. This is still a pre-alpha/alpha stage and changes and coding additions are being added weekly.

As with most free MUDs a telnet client (ZMud, GMud, MUSHClient, etc.) is required to connect.

Game is located at:
Port: 1200

Email me from my profile, post back here or drop by in-game if interested.

06-16-2006, 10:26 AM
Heh, we've seen our fair share of add's like these: someone pisse with GS decides to get their own back by building a game that is better/more fun. Reality check, it doesn't work. UL was the exception, not the rule, and even that could be deemed a massive waste of time.

Basically, what I guess we need to know is what kind of guarantee we're gonna get that you don't get bored of the project and pull the plug after 6 months of investment.

06-16-2006, 12:47 PM
I can understand your concerns, but I am not out on some sort of "vendetta".

I enjoy writing code for games. I cannot, however, code, write and build a whole world alone with any expectation of completing the world in a timely manner.

As a long time player of Gemstone I know that many talented people play the game. My asking for writers deals with offering them a chance to express their talent, not in trying to take anyone away from their other games or interests.

Some people may love the chance to build a city or hunting ground. I am sure others would like to watch their ideas for systems come to life in code.

I certainly apologize if I came across as some "peeved ex-player" in my initial post, as I am not. Good writers and builders are hard to find and it was (and still is) my belief that some people may enjoy playing a part in creating a world.

Positions are still available.

06-16-2006, 02:38 PM
Nah, you don't come across as peeved at all. Just have to understand that many do have this concern. There are too many cases of new MUDs being developed, people work very hard on them, and then poof, the original creator decides it's not worth his time anymore because he got a new job, or find some other opportunity.

Personally I think the best way to avoid having this happen is to open-source the project. This way if the original person abadons it, anyone with an interest or passion in the project can just as easily pick it up and continue working on it.

Otherwise, I do wish you luck on your MUD. I know how much work and effort can go into one.

11-05-2006, 05:28 PM
I know it is an old thread, but just in case any creative people want to give it a try I figured to update.

The game "Loutrak, the Land of Wars" has went down after 8 months. All content and code has been transfered to a new server. The world starts fresh with several new code revisions.

Game is now called "Throes of Creation (http://throes.slayn.net)".

To connect point your ZMUD, GMud or other telnet-style clients to:
Port 1200

Looking specifically for:
* Content Writers - Histories, deities, racial files, help files.
* World Builders - Design of in-genre areas, rooms, items, MOBs and quests.
* Idea People - Players and play-testers that like to come up with systems or system changes.

If you want to have fun and be creative feel free to stop by in game, at our forums (http://throes.slayn.net/yabb/YaBB.pl) or leave me a private message here.

Long live text-based gaming!

11-05-2006, 05:40 PM
So what happened to all that history/code/room building?

11-05-2006, 05:51 PM
So what happened to all that history/code/room building?

The code (all modifications my own) and all building (from myself and 3 other builders) from the previous game still exists. Everyone involved previously has given consent for use of their creations and area credits are in place naming the original writers of each area.

Some changes were made to remove references to "game ideas" that were not carried over. I prefered to leave the histories/deities behind, for instance. I also removed some races (though the players and I are currently pondering a giant-kin type race, possibly evil in nature) that I felt were not suitable and have de-evolved back to 12 base classes.

As this is going to be its own world and a name/server change was involved why not start fresh? Several players/playtesters have come along as has a builder. I code for fun I am coding several new systems.

From my time playing GS I know that many creative people play the game. I really enjoy the creation aspect, it is my hope that others that may feel the same might decide to give it a try.

03-27-2007, 07:51 PM
Still in alpha, still plugging away at coding and building.

We are looking for writers that would be interested in coming up with racial/deity/world histories, but players, play-testers and builders are also always welcome.

If you would be interested in writing/building please pop by our forums and post a quick example in the "General Posts/Potential Staff Post Here"

Main website:

Client login:
throes.slayn.net Port 1200

Feel free to pop by.