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General ranger simucon meeting. on 6/8/2003 6:11:22 PM 5417

Just so you know, we jumped around a bit, so that might make my notes a bit jumpy too, but the info should be there. Also note, that while these are the initial plans or hopeful plans, these are all subject to change (as is everything). Solli mentioned that both he and Cyr would try to post soon, so we can hope for them as well.

Sorry if I missed your name there, but without further delay...

Ranger notes from the profession meeting.


[Sheraton Chalet by the Lake, Interlaken room]
The cheesy hotel carpeting is littered with empty soda cans and bottles of water. Numerous chairs are spread about the room in a roughly circular pattern as well as a few set new the door here. Set back in the corner of the room, a single table holds pitchers of water and several polystyrene cups for drinking.
Also here: Me (Heuward) who is sitting, Dimarie who is sitting who is sitting, Tjarn who is sitting, Navlys who is sitting, Weedy who is sitting, Chimega who is sitting, Syleanne who is sitting, Allanor who is sitting, Kittoa who is sitting, Taliria who is sitting, Barachado who is sitting, Taru who is sitting, Landrion who is sitting, Cappernicus who is sitting, Andemon (Plat) who is sitting, Zanti (Plat) who is sitting GM Solli who is sitting (and a mess of other people that never told me their names).

Changes to current spells:
630 - they're hoping to implement a way to measure affinity. Affinity IS staying and will not be done away with. Once this method of measuring affinity is there, we, as players, can test and determine better what effects the affinity system and we will not be told what that it.

Further, RP verbs are coming as well as bug investigation and fixes. Hopefully shortly after phase one of GS4 as a time frame.

We also spent a bit of time debating them coming indoors and GM Solli will bring this up to the semi team again.

After the meeting, I asked about companion altering and GM Solli said he'd bring it up and address it with the semi team as well.

625 - It's planned that the duration to this will be increased. It is meant to be a short duration spell, but they will hopefully raise that duration a bit.

617 - In regards to this spell and the guild, it's on Solli's plate to get to fixing this in regards to the guild, but as with other things, it is not the highest priority for him at this moment.

Also, combat leadership was brought up as we can't lead with this spell running. It's not anticipated at this point that rangers will have many ranks in this skill as it has a high training cost in the mangler.

616 - This spell is working as intended (as per GM Warden and the collected stats). When we questioned this, we asked that either the cap be removed or perhaps other effects for those dodging it. Some suggestions were stance change, forced RT or even knocking prone. GM Solli will bring this up and see what he can do for us in regards to this.

614 - This will be re-evaluated. It will likely be related to Lore skills and/or harness power as well as ranger ranks.

609 - This spell's strength will be re-evaluated once the new stealth system comes out and there's a possibility of making it so that there is a ranger ranks vs. stalking and hiding training check to pull someone out of hiding. That's not to say that a 9th level ranger won't get extremely lucky and pull a high trained rogue out of hiding, but it might not be automatic anymore.

608 - There are NO plans to change 608 at this time. (and there was much rejoicing)

607 - The duration of this spell was touched on and I think we managed to convince GM Solli that 2 minutes was not enough (especially with the potential changes to combat making battles last longer) It was suggested that it be changed to be either two minutes or some time per rank based duration instead of a flat rate (being whichever is longer). This is just a maybe at this point.

All spells - The duration of all spells was brought up and it's hoped that they can make the durations a bit more compatible. That meaning that it might take four casts of one to equal the duration of another spell, but that they will both fall at the same time (instead of the haphazard way they fall now)

The justice system is also going to be relooked at with regards to some of our player friendly spells (ie. vines)

New spell info:
635 - Resist Nature (being coded by Cyr)
Firstly, this spell will be able to be cast at brig and lower AsGs. Also note, that the higher the AsG, the harder it will be for a successful cast of this armor. It WILL work on enchanted armors, but again, it will be harder for the initial casting of this spell. This spell (currently) will NOT work on padded or scripted armors, but that might be added later. There is no tie in with enchanting in that a 10x set of leathers could still be 635'd, providing the ranger can get a successful cast. Meaning, it won't count towards the max of 10x on armor.

It's meant for this to be a service to provide for rangers and their friends and not solely for the use of the ranger alone.

When you cast it (more on this in a few seconds) you will pick only ONE thing it will protect against. Weeds/thorns, fire, ice, lightning and so on, but it will only allow for ONE of these at any given time on your armor. Attempting to cast this on armor that has it and we were told "That would be BAD."

The first step in the casting process will be to check the armor. We will (they think) be allowed to ASSESS the armor to see if it currently has any nature resist on it or padding or scripting. It might also be that Bards can loresing to find this out to some extent as well as the AI crystal (perhaps, not sure yet). However, I think our ASSESSING will be superior and provide more info. Once the armor has been ASSESSed and determined that it can be worked on, you will cast at the armor. This will prepare the item. Once you have it prepared, you will bring it to an NPC and get instructions for a potion. Currently, the NPC will be the way to get the potion made. We will have to forage for the herbs and other ingredients for the potions and bring them back to the NPC to make the potion. As for finding the herbs, either the NPC will hint at where they are to be found or we can figure it out from the flora/fauna guide. These will not be current herbs in the game as far as is known now. Once you have the potion made (and it may take more then one potion for each armor, especially as the ASG gets higher) you will pour it on the items (or pour multiple times) and finally cast again to seal the enchantment. Casting to seal on the armor before you have put all the necessary potions will again be BAD.

Throughout all of this, there will be NO THREAT TO THE ITEM. It will only be the caster that will face the risk.

Once this is finished, it will provide crit padding ranks on the armor on what you chose to put in it. A Ranger will be able to ASSESS the armor to tell how resistent and the intensity of the success. A few things will affect the intensity and success on the casting. This is the one part that I didn't fully understand, but here's what I have written down and hopefully, someone else will be able to fill in the gaps. AU, DI and WI bonuses will affect it. Ranger ranks will affect the duribility. Your lore skills and spirit blessing will effect how many crit ranks it has. Mana controlls also plays a part in how strong it is as well.

This will work like a pool of defense almost (bear with me, it's a rough analogy). If you successfully N-resist (my own term mind you) against cold and live in Pinefar and use it daily, the N-resist will not last as long as someone who only makes use of it once a week. Meaning, it's not really charge based, but the more it's used, the faster it fades. Yes, this WILL wear off after a while and will have to be done again to armor. The exacts on this are unknown yet, so I'm not sure asking will yield much.

Lastly about this spell, there will have to be some way to dispell it so that we can either build it back and make it stronger or put a different protection in it.

Wow, that was a bit....moving on.

640 - Wall of Thorns (being coded by Dimigor and someone there called it thorn cloak and I really like that name BTW)

First and foremost, this will not be a flat +100 DS like Walls are. However, after listening, I do think it will be a viable alternative to climbing the spirit circle. This is how it'll work.

This spell WILL add DS. It will be a flat +1 DS per ranger rank. That being said, everyone will start at +40 ds. Apart from that, this spell will also have a percentage chance (that GM Solli wouldn't share with us) at straight out blocking melee, missile and bolt attacks.

This spell WILL follow you from room to room. That's a big point, so i'll repeat it. This spell WILL follow you from room to room. If one wishes to bring this indoors with them, they'll need Natures Touch up and running.

As for the casting of this spell, the initial casting of this spell will be important. Casting outdoors in nature will give you a better duration and durability on this.

This spell also will take damage. Blocking an attack will lower it's durability. Also, this spell will be either stackable or refreshable.

One thing that most there found interesting is that this spell might tie in to the CM skills (posted yesterday) as well as demeanor (if possible) That would make it that people hugging you and what not while you have this spell running might get hurt from that action. Or your demeanor might be enough to allow the thorns to part for that contact. In regards to this with the CM skills, when players (and critters that get them) use things like Crowd-press and bear hug, they too might take damage. That being said, it is likely that this spell will be dismissable.

I think that's about all on this spell. We touched on a few other CM skills (the ones Solli was interested in bringing to our attention hint hint) He pointed out Garrote, shadow mastery and mfire.

That all being said, I want to thank GM Solli for talking to us and all the other rangers there that had such great questions and ideas. If anyone has any questions or anyone wants to clarify (or needs clarification) on anything I've written, please don't hesitate to post and I'll respond as soon as I can.



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Re: General ranger simucon meeting. on 6/8/2003 10:58:59 PM 5426

I'll reply where I can (as in, where I know the answers) so this'll be a long one.

> in regards to 609
> If someone's hiding ranks works against the spell, then the ranger's perception ranks should work FOR the spell.

They didn't mention it, but I think that's a great idea. I know once the folks in charge recover from the weekend, they'll be reading and posting. Be sure to point that out as well.

> in regards to 635
> Hopefully, this will remain a spell that I won't use for my own armor. That is, I'm hoping that I'll still be wearing hauberk. Any comments from the GM's regarding the planned requirements for armors? Well, actually, the spell sounds neat except for the AsG limitation. Maybe a change that could be considered would be that the higher AsG's could be cast upon, but with decreasing duration as the armor group goes up? That would make it so plate armors, which need it less, would keep 635 on much less time than the robes, leather, and scale armors.

No one specifically mentioned what armour that they anticipate rangers in, but it's pretty clear by looking at the costs that we'll mostly be in the brig class and a few that cling to their leathers and a few that will push for their hauberk. I believe someone said that they are likely going to be lowering the hinderances on the partials to make them more attractive. That combined with the new shield types (we'll have four types of shields now) and the new passive combat types (we'll have inherint chance to evade, parry and block attacks now) that more will likely move to the lower armours. There are always those that go gung-ho being more physical and they'll train for the heavier armors and bigger shields and give up the evade options. There are those that will train more for the evade and give up their opportunity to block using a smaller shield base. I think we'll just have to see how things fall out when beta goes up for play testing.

> on rangers and CM skills
> Yeah, baby. Those are the ones I'm waiting for. Maybe Coup de grace. I'm wondering, though, how many of the maneuvers will be ready for release when it's time to choose.

I was nearly drooling at the hamstring concept myself. That combined with the new version of ambush will be rather awesome. Picture it. Hamstring...knock them down and either stun or give them RT. Stand up, hide and ambush. That'll be nice.

As for how many that will be done when it goes live, I think they're intending for about 30 or 40 all told. That's all of them, so, not just ours. I think most of the ones we'll get will be live. One thing to note. GM Stealth made a statment that is good to share: When they first come out, don't hesitate to pick as many as you want. There will be a reset when the next wave come out in phase two (I think). Also, when you reallocate, that will clear your list as well.

so, play, have fun with them while you can.

> I'm wondering if mfire will be aimable, or if it'll be random like mstrike. I'm hoping it will be aimed. Further, it would be nice to be able to set secondary and tertiary aiming targets that would be defaulted to if the primary aiming target is invalid. Something like aim left eye, right eye, head. Or, aim chest, chest, head.

It was specified that mfire will NOT be aimable unfortunately. It's basically mstrike for bow users.

> Really great information, thanks for taking notes and for taking the time to post them.

You're welcome and a pleasure.

> Oh, and one more thing would be neat, if you don't want people petting your companion. You reading this, Murp?

> prep 640. cast at wolf. snicker.

Hmmm....interesting. I'm assuming this will be a self cast one, but no one asked. Even so, self cast spells can be cast on companions as is. I've asked Solli and he said he'll ask about this aspect. I agree, that would be cool. Unfortunately, it still wouldn't stop those abusing ACT's to "ride" Murp's panther.

> in regards to Mnar's post.

Well, a few things. You're basing that off of current assumptions. When the evade/parry/block stuff comes out, we might find that chain is far too heavy to how you want to be. As for your armor no longer being useful to you, it'll have to be a personal choice if you want to sacrafice the evade for the better block. Personally, I won't be able to use the spell for my ranger. His armour is padded and this just won't be able to work for him. However, I like that I have another skill that I can do for friends and other characters. Heck, this can be sold (on a much smaller scale then a wizards' enchant) for coin in game.

And the other points about:
natures touch duration (being fixed)
Animal companion limitations (being re-evaluated)
wall of thorns (initially not as much in numbers as WoF, but it's uncapped. it can get to +100 ds. In addition to that, there will be a chance for the attack [melee, missile and bolt] to completly be eaten by the spell. And it's only weaker if it's initially cast indoors. We're not the only ones that have limitations on spells. We're only now beginning to be made to pick how we want to specialize like everyone else is out there.)

I think we'll be perfectly viable after everything settles. It's just different then what we have now and change is always jarring. A few more other things that I hadn't mentioned prior.

That system that will give you a benefit if you outnumber a critter (and vice-versa) will take into account our companions as someone on our side providing they are in attack or guard mode. Meaning, just by them coming into the fight, we'll get better.


06-18-2003, 11:53 AM
630 - they're hoping to implement a way to measure affinity. Affinity IS staying and will not be done away with. Once this method of measuring affinity is there, we, as players, can test and determine better what effects the affinity system and we will not be told what that it.

There is currently a way to test, its rather simple too, just have someone take a swing at you, then tell you companion to guard you, then have the person swing again. The difference between the DS's will be your Affinity level.

PS its nice to have a smaller ranger forum as opposed to the overpopulated simu one.

06-19-2003, 06:30 PM
There's been some debate on that, and I'm tending to think it's not a measurement for affinity, or at least is pretty random. Several people, including myself, have had their guarding DS vary by as much as 10 (max is 30?) over the course of a few days, with no change in how we treat our companions.

Welcome to the forums, by the way. :)

06-19-2003, 08:29 PM
Originally posted by Taernath
There's been some debate on that, and I'm tending to think it's not a measurement for affinity, or at least is pretty random. Several people, including myself, have had their guarding DS vary by as much as 10 (max is 30?) over the course of a few days, with no change in how we treat our companions.

Welcome to the forums, by the way. :)

Thats very possible, i guess another way to measure wouldnt hurt. Thanks for the welcome too, im looking forward to these boards, seem like a nice group of people so far.