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Rangers and CM skills....enjoy so far. on 6/7/2003 5:48:27 PM 7665

Before I begin, the skills marked with a ** have not been fully done yet and are subject to change. The one with the ?? is not certain to be a Ranger skill, but there is a chance. And with all of them, there is the chance that these things will change and not be offered to Rangers, but this is what we have heard so far.

For each skill, there is intended to be approximately five ranks. You can earn a rank by spending a CM point, which is earned when you train in CM in the mangler. The earlier ranks cost less then the higher, but the skills gain efficiency as the number of points spent increases.

Skills in the combat maneuver list available to Rangers:

Combat Movement - This is intended to be +2 ds per rank. That is for all forms of DS in every stance.

Combat Focus - This is intended to be +2 td per rank. (not mentioned if this is intended from all kinds of TD ie spirit, elemental, mental)

Side by Side - When multiple members of a group have this skill, then the DS of the individuals possessing it will be increased. Much like back to back fighting.

Coup de Grace - A killing blow. Similar to a sorc's sacrafice, it will kill a downed and injured target. What is gained by doing this is still unknown at this time.

Garrote - Garrote is the action of leaping from the shadows and killing the target by looping a cord about the victim's neck. This will require a cord to perform. (I vaguely remember Stealth mentioning that this would stun the target, but its not 100% at this point.)

Hamstring - This one is highly cool (IMHO). Basically, you can, using an edged (or two) weapon(s) cut the tendon of a victim's legs causing them to fall prone with a possibilty of a stun. This will NOT sever the limb, and the creature CAN stand after they recover. There will be different messaging for multipple weapons as well as for crit/damage weighted blades.

Shadow Mastery - Another cool on (again, IMHO). This will not give us a benefit to hide, but nearly everything else that is invoved in sneaking (perhaps even sneak RT) will be improved by this skill. That includes, but is not limited to sniping, ambush and staying hidden.

Mfire - Yup, you got it. Firing multiple missles (as many as three at once) from a bow. This is undetermined if it will be at only one target or at multiple targets as of yet. It's also known that it will likely NOT work with thrown weapons and crossbows. This will likely not work with scripted and/or elemental bows.

Stance Perfection - This is like the warrior guild skill allowing us to pick how much further into a stance to move. Rather then being 80% offensive and 20% defensive, you might be able to pick an 10% or 5% increnent within that range.

Disarm - The warrior guild skill. (no need to explain)

Feint - The warrior guild skill. (no need to explain)

** Dust Kick - This will allow us to kick dust/dirt/sand/snow (i think snow, it wasn't mentioned) in the targets face. This will stun or cause blindness effect on the target and will be effected by the terrain you are in.

** Weapon Percision - Will decrease one second from the rt and increase crit ranks (possibly) as well. This will NOT be able to be used with ambushing.

?? Weapon Specialization - This one, we're not certain about getting yet. It's basically weapon focus from D&D. Meaning, one can pick a specific type of blade within OHE and get bonuses with that kind of blade.

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Damn... can't wait.

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Are the specifics on how many ranks of CM it will require to get CM points and how the amount of cm points required to get a CM skill rank will increase as you advance available yet?

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