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11-23-2005, 06:36 PM
Who else bought the expansion pack for BF2 and whatcha think of it?

I think it's friggin awesome. It's more focused on infantry combat where it's not overloaded with heavy vehicles, although they still do exist. The maps are insane too. All of them are the Karkand/Shari/Mashtuur style but even better with all the cars and other debri littered about. The Warlord map is THE best as there's all kinds of indoors fighting when you storm the guy's palace.

The new weapons are way more powerful than the older ones. I love the new FN2000 for the assault (which they also have a grappling hook and flashbangs now) and the MP7 for the engineer. Also you can use the flashbangs (only when using the unlocked assault) and the SF unlocked weapons on the regular maps as well.

The maps though, they're so awesome. Just for the maps alone, I would have bought the expansion pack, heh.

- N

11-23-2005, 07:04 PM
Theres already an expansion? I didn't hear anything about it but I'm excited to hear it! :) Are there any new soldier kits or factions other than USA, PLA, and MEC?

11-23-2005, 09:33 PM
Yeah, there's the Russian Spetnaz, Russian "Rebels", MEC Special Forces, Mid-East "Insurgents", US Navy Seals, and the British SAS. The player models for em all look awesome.

Only the Navy Seals and SAS have new weapons, which are REAL good, but the other forces have their weapons tweaked a bit where they don't use the same set-up as the original classes and forces. The other forces anti-tank guys do have RPG rockets instead of the Eryx though. There's also grappling hooks for the assault and I think anti-tank class. Covert Ops and snipers have a zip-line crossbow. Support class has a gas grenade launcher and assault also has flashbang grenades. There's also night maps where you have nightvision and each class is also equipped with a gas mask you can put on for when you're under gas attack by support soldiers.

There's tons of new vehicles. Apache, Hind, jetski, forklift, a couple tanks and APCs, ATVs, trucks, cars, and a few others. Maps, again, are awesome as hell and put Karkand, Mashtuur, and Sharqi to SHAME. As I mentioned earlier, just the maps are worthy to buy the expansion pack.

- N