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09-13-2005, 03:31 PM
Well I've recently managed to make a bit of money in game so I thought I'd work on my enchanting skill a bit since it is expensive and all.

Only problem is that I'm not all that familiar with Enchanting. Mining, yes. Blacksmithing, yes. Tailoring, yes. First Aid, yes. Not enchanting!

If I were to go to the AH and buy some items to kickstart my Enchanting skill what should I look for?

How does disenchanting work?

EDIT: By the way, playing an Undead Warlock (PvP flagged) named Ebondale on Uther. I was really happy I could get my GemStone name in WoW.

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09-13-2005, 04:12 PM
Well it depends on if you just want to up your skill or if you want to make money while you do it.

If you're just upping your skill, then stick buying enchanting recipes that are near your max skill and have more common ingredients (dust & essence). I'm not sure what other profession you're picking, but tailoring would definately help make enchanting ingredients (explained next).

Disenchanting is the act of taking a magical item (green/blue/purple) and turning it into enchanting ingredients. This will create dusts, essences, and shards. The higher level the item you're disenchanting, the higher level the resulting ingredients will be.

If you have other, older characters on the same server/faction, I'd have them send you any greens they don't want. That way you can have plenty of ingredients. Also a skill like tailoring will allow you to make magical clothing items that you can immediately disenchant into enchanting ingredients. Same with magical items that are blacksmithed or leatherworked.

As for making money on your way up, I'd suggest listening to the people yelling in the major cities and see what enchants they're selling and for how much. Then you can determine what recipes are the most cost effective and that sell the best.

09-13-2005, 04:45 PM
I'm looking to upping the skill quickly so I can actually do something worthwhile with the tradeskill. :)

My other tradeskill is tailoring which I thought only made sense for a Warlock since I don't need to have any additional things for tailoring (Skinning/Mining/etc).

About how far should I need to advance my Enchanting skill before I can actually make something that'll cause a weapon to glow?