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08-05-2005, 03:35 PM
Here's all his info, let me know if you're interested, and the trades you would consider...drop me a U2U...

Also will consider selling for $$ if nothing is offered in WoW.

Name: Xxxxxx xxx’Xxxxxxx
Race: Elf
Profession: Paladin (shown as: Exemplar)
Gender: Male
Age: 101
Expr: 769420 Level: 25

Normal (Bonus) ... Enhanced (Bonus)
Strength (STR): 71 (10) ... 71 (10)
Constitution (CON): 78 (14) ... 78 (14)
Dexterity (DEX): 74 (17) ... 74 (17)
Agility (AGI): 77 (28) ... 77 (28)
Discipline (DIS): 73 (-4) ... 73 (-4)
Aura (AUR): 81 (20) ... 81 (20)
Logic (LOG): 91 (20) ... 91 (20)
Intuition (INT): 88 (19) ... 88 (19)
Wisdom (WIS): 74 (12) ... 74 (12)
Influence (INF): 51 (10) ... 51 (10)
Mana: 66 Silver: 0

Aelion (at level 25), your current skill bonuses and ranks (including all modifiers) are:
Skill Name | Current Current | Bonus Ranks Armor Use..........................| 160 60 Combat Maneuvers...................| 108 26 Polearm Weapons....................| 152 52 Multi Opponent Combat..............| 10 2 Physical Fitness...................| 108 26 Dodging............................| 108 26 Harness Power......................| 93 21 Spiritual Lore - Blessings.........| 35 7 Spiritual Lore - Religion..........| 35 7 Climbing...........................| 25 5 Swimming...........................| 25 5 Spell Lists Minor Spirit.......................| 1 Spell Lists Paladin............................| 25

Minor Spiritual:Number Name101 Spirit Warding IPaladin Base:Number Name1601 Mantle of Faith1602 Pious Trial1603 Faith's Clarity1604 Purify1605 Arm of the Arkati1606 Dauntless1607 Rejuvenation1608 Guiding Light1609 Divine Shield1610 Higher Vision1611 Patron's Blessing1612 Champion's Might1613 Divine Vengeance1614 Aura of the Arkati1615 Divine Strike
1616 Vigor1617 Zealot1618 Guard the Meek1619 Faith Shield1620 Aid the Fallen1625 Sanctify

Attuned to Koar
496 reps of crafting
Member of Voln
Member of House of the Rising Phoenix

Has a fixskill currently available
Has a convert currently available

~863000 in the bank in the Landing

Here are a list of some of the better items this paladin has, but there are a lot more in the inventory

An iron-tipped paladin’s warlance, has at least 9 scripts, +25, 50/130, 14 lbs
Show: Created to pierce the heaviest of armor, this black and crimson, hand-forged lance has veins of eahnor running through its shaft to reinforce its strength and is tipped with a scaled iron head for extra damage. The guard is large enough to protect the hand should an opponent attempt to remove it, while the grip is covered with soft leather wrapped in gold wire for excellent handling. A crimson tassel hanging from the grip denotes the royal seal of House Vaalor. You also notice a small enchanter's mark.

A gleaming white ora pike, paladin/cleric attuned, has a nice show with tons of auto-scripts, it IS the unlocked version, +19, has holy flares

An ironwood hafted eahnor voulge (jeddart-axe), +18, 90/260, lightning, 7 lbs
Show: The long ironwood haft is reinforced with eahnor bands bound directly into the wood. Capped atop the haft is the high-tempered eahnor blade that is forged to razor-sharpness. The crimson eahnor glistens, which blurs the lines of distinction between the blade's actual color and the blood drawn by it. The seal of Vaalor has been deeply etched into the blade and accented with gold, making this weapon of warfare complete. You also notice a small enchanter's glyph.

A gold-hafted crimson eahnor Hammer of Kai, nice show, +18, 80/265, lightning, 7 lbs
A diamond-edged slender eahnor longsword etched along the blade with ancient Vaalorian runes (rare longsword from Foehn’s Promise, has scripts only readable in elven, +18, fairly dmg weighted, loresong, actioned, 89/210, 4lbs…great item

A stunning eahnor breastplate with silver tassets, +35, 84/525, 12 lbs, (very rare and awesome MBP)

A royal elven guard cloak (altered consolation cloak), has at least 10 scripts, holds a large amount, open/close
show: This cloak has been fashioned after the style of the Sabrar knights who acted as protectors of the royal family. The dark red silk of the cloak is clasped at the shoulders with interlocking gold chains, and from there it billows out and down to the ankles. The hood is deep and serves to conceal much of the wearer's identity. Slashes in the fabric of the cloak speak of past battles and close scrapes. Couched along the edges of the cloak are silver runes that hint at protection.

An ancient black sword-belt (actioned sword-belt)
Show: This length of black leather is designed to criss-cross around the waist, and is secured through a hammered golden buckle. Attached to the leather is a mithril chain basket cage on the right side designed to hold a single weapon. A hammered gold disk on the left side has been engraved with the armorial bearings of House of Phoenix.

An enruned elven signet ring
Show: Imbedded upon the ring are seven gems etched with the seven crests of the seven long forgotten elven houses. The signet itself is one of the gems, sizably larger and in the middle of the other six. The large gem is deeply imbedded and cut to denote the seal of House Vaalor.

Other inventory items:
A dark suit of elven scale mail (4x, with military show)
**A venerable crimson eahnor shield (rare, from Foehn’s promise, awesome loresong, +18, 69/215, 7 lbs, unconverted…very rare, may have been only a couple taken)
Some gleaming pure silver gauntlets
A blackened rolaren greathelm (scripted helm)
An elven infantry rucksack (very large amount with awesome show)
An antiquated Vaalorian arms case (with awesome show)
An elven infantry harness (holds a polearm, scripted)
A tailored white silk shirt (show of battle of Shadowguard)
A crimson and white tabard (with show)
Some tall brown leather riding boots with brass buckles (actioned boots)
A golden Koar symbol (changes from symbol to statuette)
A heavy vaalorn slab (for forging)
A heavy ora slab (for forging)
4 Mandis crystal shards
a tailored elven longcoat
a midnight black cloak
a supple leather food satchel
a pair of dark khaki pants
an eahnor and silver infinity pin (with show)
a leaf-shaped Ardenai insignia (honorary member of Ardenai Temple Knights)
a silver inlaid gold lantern
a tiny latched silver cigar case (with cigars and matches)
a black velvet gem pouch
a sturdy dark leather gem pouch
a pair of tall black riding boots
a Vaalor crest
a flawless golden hawk pendant (old member of Golden Hawks)
a gold-traced crimson ruby amulet (amulet-holder)
a dark blue dragon-crested epaulet
a fierce toy Sabrar elite soldier
a tailored black wool longcoat (hides two daggers up your sleeve, actioned)
a crisp white long-sleeved shirt (hides two daggers up your sleeve, actioned)
a shadowy grey wrist sheath (Nalfein show)
other items as well

08-05-2005, 03:57 PM
just to note: I play on Stormrage and Magtheridon