View Full Version : Cat Form Changes in the 1.7 Patch (Druid)

08-04-2005, 02:58 PM
In the upcoming content patch, there are significant changes to Cat Form. Here's the run down:

* Cat Form's base damage (not attack power, but the cat form's "weapon" damage) has been increased.
* Each point of Agility now adds 1 Attack Power.
* Rip's damage per combo point has been increased.
* Ferocious Bite's damage per combo point has been increased. In addition, extra energy now converts to damage at a higher rate.
* The global cooldown on Tiger's Fury has been replaced with a one-second self cooldown. Its duration has been increased to six seconds.
* Rake's damage has been increased.

Also, the combo point problem with Ferocious Bite -- wherein the points would go away on a miss/dodge/parry -- should be resolved.

I have also been informed that talent changes for Druids (which should, among other things, further enhance Feral viability) are still on the way and currently scheduled for the content patch after 1.7.

There is a school of thought that talent changes should be made to increase the Feral form viability, and the developers are of that mind also... but they were also not satisfied with the level of effectiveness for all Druids, regardless of specialization. The changes in 1.7 should boost that significantly.

08-04-2005, 05:30 PM

Now to get old enough to learn cat form...I'm already heading down the path of feral specced heh.