View Full Version : A Funny thing happened in Tanaris (Dunemaul PvP server)

07-15-2005, 02:53 PM
I was just getting my lockpicking up to scratch in Lost Riggers Cove, when I happened upon a little troll rogue stood next to an alliance hunter. They werent fighting, but I wasnt sure what was going on, so I did what I usually do and wtfpwned him (ok I slapped him around the chops with a wet kipper until he died of boredom...give me a break :( )

Anyway, while I was laying into him, he and the troll rogue, whose name escapes me were both saying no. Being the nice friendly girl I am, I ignored them and carried on to the death. I did feel a little bad right at the end, but what the heck.

I asked the troll what the deal was and she said the hunter was helping her quest. Eeesh...I have seen it all now.

Anyway, I go off and get a couple of lockpicking ranks and they are back again. So I killed him again.

The troll was all "OMFG...YOU ARE ON MY SHIT LIST! GO TO WSG IF YOU WANT TO PVP!!!!11111"

Have you ever heard anything so stupid?

This Fucking Honour system has RUINED the game.

Doyle Hargraves
07-15-2005, 03:18 PM
How has the honor system ruined the game, and what does it have to do with the situation in your post? Chances are those two would be playing patty cake even if there was no honor system.

I had a similar experience in Thousand Needles on my pvp server a while back. A few alliance kept ganking a guildmate out there, while a horde character stood there watching the whole time. So I headed out to 1k Needles and proceeded to obliterate them all, and then the Horde guy starts freaking out on me and is like "WTF DON'T KILL HIM HE'S MY BROTHER YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!!!!11"

After killing them a few more times they finally left, and the Horde guy informed me that I was on his shit list, as if I gave a fuck or something.

I really don't understand why people roll characters on pvp servers and then bitch when people don't act like carebears. Especially in situations like yours and mine.

07-15-2005, 03:21 PM
It was a tongue in cheek comment about the honour system, as since its release, people on Dunemaul (and I suspect other PvP servers) have come to the idea that PvP is only about HKs and BGs...which obviously it isnt.

Its just stupid

07-15-2005, 03:35 PM
I think I told you guys about this I was doing the quest in strangle where you have to get near a set of documents just west of BB. Being the awesome dying person I am and the fact that I could not get close enough to the documents by fighting I ran out there died near the documents and then raised while an alliance guy was fighting. Got my quest done and I saw an horde person my be the same two people I attacked the alliance guy and the horde person starts screaming at me that this is her friend and to leave him alone.

I stopped because I was really confused on what was going on and of course the alliance guy KILLS ME! So I raised again while they were ignoring my body killed him and ran off and she sent me a tell letting me know I sucked.