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07-07-2005, 05:50 AM
This is a copy of what you'll find at the WoW Forums. For those of you who don't view them frequently ....

"Last night I was in Winterspring when I got invited by Kothupoora to join the UBRS group she was putting together. I was bored and took the opportunity to pick up some drops I've been looking for ....

Fast forward an hour later when Rend has been defeated, quite easily. Kothupoora picks up Rend's head and Tomz gets a sweet mana regeneration ring, perfect for a druid. We begin to move forward and on the first pull into the Beasts room Pulishuzzi fails on his improved sap (which happens 10% of the time) and dies, taking one for the team. Now the mob turns on our group and comes bashing on people. We end up wiping.

Then, an hour after we get to the instance (meaning you KNOW how long you're in there for) Kothupoora decides that since she has Rend's head and she's tired (like the rest of us, it's 2:00 in the morning at this point. server time). She and Tomz are having some whisper conversations, which no doubt started with a "W00T!!" about their recent loots, and both decide they're going to bed for the night.

Well, I pitched a fit. I signed up to kill the General (pointing out it was stated at the beginning that we would) and not to be Tomz' and Kothupoora's loot bitch. I'm assuming that's what everyone else signed up for, too. So now Kothupoora's been called out. She's been caught red handed using every single one of us for her own purpose and then trying to jet, leaving all of us hanging.

After a few half-witted attempts at an excuse Kothupoora gets down to the real nitty-gritty -- we're just not a good enough group.

Ok. So some people in the group aren't running MC 3-4 nights a week. Some of us don't have the leisure nor the guild standing to be in your "elite" company. But you don't just walk out of a group WHICH YOU PUT TOGETHER once you've met your objective.

Now the rest of the group is left minus two healers with really very few replacement options at 2 in the morning. While we're all scratching our heads, not only at their behavior, but also about how to continue, we get the message:

::Server Shutdown in 15:00!::

HA! We all laughed -- a lot. Even if these two knuckle-heads hadn't shown their true colors we'd have all been headed to bed in 20 minutes anyways.

Now I know a lot of you are guildmates and will come to the defense of these two twerps and I have no doubt that when it matters most, in MC raids, these two play their part and don't pull this type of selfish behavior. But that doesn't excuse pulling out of a 2+ hour raid an hour into the instance after you'd deemed the run a success."

07-07-2005, 06:27 AM
Ah yes- my first post. Finally got around to checking my pw. Anyways... I was there all I have to say is I'm not doing any instances with either of them EVER again. I'm still pretty pissed at Onibatsu in general...

I called them out for being selfish then another guy tried to cover up for his guildies by saying there was "sloppy play". Yeah, ok I didn't see their "tank" taunt a single thing and Tomz felt the need to pull everything till half way through when apparently he got tired of it so there was really no sense of leadership, but whos fault was that? If you put a group together with an established guild you should not have a problem leading a group through any non-MC instance. So I give them that to an extent, but still a pretty pathetic excuse in my opinion.

With the exception of the one guy who sent a tell saying he was sorry if I felt like I got screwed, I really don't have the desire to group with any of those Oni in the future. So glad I decided not to join them and go back to TBF.

Oh well our wonderful server decided to go down so it probably wouldn't have happend anyways. Really good way to end the night. This is basically just a warning to the Dunemaul peeps to not group with Kothupooru- she is a greedy selfish bitch.