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Thread: Ensorcell from a 303 rank sorcerer

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    Default Ensorcell from a 303 rank sorcerer

    Having finished my current list I'm open for new projects.
    T5 energy available.

    PM me with what you want worked on now or as I have enough energy. Preferences given to repeat customers.

    Price of 3m/week
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    t1 done.. Have enough for a t3 now or a t4 later today.
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    nevermind on test cast. my error. excellent luck with your auction!
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    Open for more

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    I want to add that OP did the ensorcellment on my 8x MCW katana from T3-T5. He was extremely professional, and I would easily use his services again for any high project ensorcellments.

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    Have another t5 available.

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    Ready for a new project.

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    More available.

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    me me!

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