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    I want this to be a friendly and constant reminder in Gemstone Gems that I am very critical about what is posted in this folder. I don't allow any bashing or negative postings of any kind. Any ridicule, vulgaraties, flaming or the like and I will remove it without hesitation, no questions asked. All I ask is that you keep it civil, on topic and good natured.

    Thank you.

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    As the new mod of the 'Gemstone Gems' folder I've decided to keep with Crystal's intended direction of this folder.

    The only thing I'm going to add is that any "trolling" remarks will be removed.

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    Oh well I'm slow at introducing myself, so sorry about that, but I will be moderating this folder, so Hi!

    Everything CT and Tsa ah had said before seems to be good and work well so nothing new to add as yet.

    But this one goes to eleven.
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