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    Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap.

    Heavy metal as its best!

    HOLY DIVER!!!!

    With a somewhat smooth voice, heavy guitards!

    Holy Diver
    You been down too long in the midnight sea
    Oh what's becoming of me

    Gonna love the 80's for that!

    Originally posted by StrayRogue
    I\\'ll take a few mill off you if you are still selling.

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    Did you forget this post?


    So as long as Bob is banned, I'm logging out and won't visit this forum again, starting from the moment I'm leaving for school today.

    I encourage others to follow this example, as if the ass lickers only have themselves to respond and tap themselves on the back, they'll see how wrong they were.

    À dans trois mois.
    Parkbandit: "I'm now Rush Limbaugh? I'm flattered actually"

    Daniel: "If you want I can ask my mom at the U of Chicago"

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    He lied...are you surprised?
    Life is hard. Life is harder when you're stupid.

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    Stay on topic please.
    R.I.P. Bushido Brown

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    See my post in that thread.

    Only fools doesn't change their mind, and I'm not a fool

    Originally posted by StrayRogue
    I\\'ll take a few mill off you if you are still selling.

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    Samael is much betta.

    Dio has changed they're sound like a kajillion times and that bugs me.

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    I like Dio AND Ozzy.. so I couldnt pick either of the first 2 choices.. as for the third.. no comment.
    Quote Originally Posted by Drayal View Post
    WTF just happened?
    I saw the word PENIS and instantly clicked on it while saying to myself ''pffft no way I'm clicking that shit.''

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    Dio has rocked, for a long long time. Now it's time for him to pass the touch. He has songs about wildabeasts and angels, he has soared on the wings of a deamon.

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