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Thread: Gingie / Subeta/ Bait

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    Minis are boring compared to Spirit Beasts anyway.

    R.I.P. Sparkle Motion

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    it's been 5 years... he's keeping a low profile , i mean dont invite him to your daughters picnic.. but understand people mature.

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    Nah he's still a fucking creeper and the best part is he gets REALLY PISSED at being called out on it, lol.

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    that's fair, it does break up the mundane lnet chat with him whinning and explaining himself poorly

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    Can we identify his alt please? We can't tolerate him having a low profile

    Bait / Carolanne / Peggyanne / Polyanne

    (what a fucking predator)
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    Polyanne is another

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    Gross I can't believe they let him back in the game, Wyrom all about that $$$ I guess

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