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Thread: First Thing You See On LNet When Logging In

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    [LNet]-GSIV:Nairdin: "i got "Fuck you neelin" written on my penis on a picture on my phone!"

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    [LNet]-GSIV:Morgahan: "I was scouting all over near the paddle boats looking for a dick"

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    [LNet]-GSIV:Mielle: "Trim that bush!"
    [LNet]-GSIV:Spawz: "giggity"

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    Wasn't exactly the first, but still thought it was funny...

    [LNet]-GSIV:Unravel: "Crap I died"

    Thank you captain obvious.

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    [LNet]-GSIV:Neelin: "Why Eliaku? Because they might get in-character tentacle raped as they mate with an in-game god to release some sort of evil?"

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    [LNet]-GSIVreaven: "You bite your tongue and take my poison sperm!"


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    Quote Originally Posted by JackWhisper View Post
    [LNet]-GSIV:Nyatherra: "How come all the tranny videos i find involve anal? Why cant i find a video where a tranny fucks a bitch in the pussy and not the ass?"

    I really need to watch what I say on LNet.
    [LNet]-GSIV:Methais: "If Randy Savage endorsed jihad I'd be on board"
    [LNet]-GSIV:Methais: "I'd be blind without my highlights and would probably die more than Nyatherra"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lilith057 View Post
    I really need to watch what I say on LNet.

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    [LNet]-GSIV:Zlukhaine: "Thats a wide margin for ds lol"
    [LNet]-GSIV:Zlukhaine: "You would know Jeril :-P"
    [LNet]-You: "Jeril would know your anus?"
    [LNet]-You: "That's going up on PC right now."
    [LNet]-GSIV:Zlukhaine: "lol"

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    [LNet]-GSIV:Rheisia: ""Jeril and I really want to tag team a dragon""

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