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Thread: 5x weapon holding scripted eahnor tower shield - +3 Shield Bonus, +2 DEX Bonus

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    Default 5x weapon holding scripted eahnor tower shield - +3 Shield Bonus, +2 DEX Bonus

    a skull-etched spiked crimson eahnor pavis
    +25 DS
    10 lbs
    Put dagger and axe into it, not sure how big a weapon it can hold

    The pavis resonates with your voice, indicating that it enhances its owner in the following ways:
    It provides a bonus of 3 to Shield Use Bonus.
    It provides a bonus of 2 to Dexterity Bonus.
    The pavis looks to have more than your average giantman could count charges remaining.

    On the reverse of a skull-etched spiked crimson eahnor pavis, a complex webbing of oiled leather straps and polished buckles forms an intricate arm harness. The straps are arranged in a pattern that appears able to secure a weapon within.

    Some scripts:

    You examine your pavis for scars or imperfections. Flipping it over, you adjust the leather harness, taking care to adjust the tangle of straps and buckles to a perfect fit.

    You unbuckle the oiled leather harness of your pavis. Carefully, you slide your knife into the webbing, and then cinch it tightly.

    You glance at the knife securely laced into the harness of your pavis. Unsatisfied, you lay the a skull-etched spiked crimson eahnor pavis on the ground and tug at the straps tightening it, then you reclaim the pavis.

    You lay your pavis across your knees. Unlacing the harness, you carefully inspect the straps and buckles for signs of wear. Satisfied, you weave the braided leather into the buckles and cinch it tightly.

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    I'll take this.

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    My brothers IMT shop has the cheapest...
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    Why would you flat price that?! I'd easily have bid!
    A giantman highwayman fires a plain wooden arrow at you!
    You barely manage to block the missile with your shield!
    You manage to block with the exact angle needed to deflect the attack right back at the giantman highwayman!
    AS: +315 vs DS: +35 with AvD: +23 + d100 roll: +51 = +354
    ... and hits for 119 points of damage!
    Deft strike to abdomen penetrates several useful organs!

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    Yea thats a nice shield

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jace Solo View Post
    Why would you flat price that?! I'd easily have bid!
    I agree, but because its a prize from Troubled Waters. So I can sell another if you want it.

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    if you have another one. I'll start the bidding on it at 1m.

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    I'd love that shield for 750K.

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    would love to see more of these for sale

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    Had one returned (training/size issues), so its available.

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    sure, 1m is more than fair. Sold.
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