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Thread: Troubled Waters: Rescue at Sea

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roblar View Post
    Batter door does (also) work. You probably need the right kind of weapon. OHE axe def works.
    Ah that makes sense. I'm kind of remembering having the same issue long ago. Thx

    There is a good overview by TheLastShamurai on page 12 of this thread. The only thing that got me stuck was....

    <<The blood in the first room of the second level, RUB it, then RUB the SOUTHERN arch to enter the Captain's Quarters. Never found anything myself, but that room MIGHT have an increased gen rate. Heavy on the MIGHT.>>

    I kept trying and trying and then realized it was the SOUTHERN HATCH that needed to be rubbed, not the arch.

    Cryogic, thanks again for the quick reply! I was able to use the info to save my first run and get the full 150 scrip! :salute:

    It was a lot of fun. I really enjoy the quests. I just wish they'd put new prizes out. I did get a nice full coverage armor concealer for my wizard (the robes).
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