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Thread: Simucoin Store Value Chart

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    Default Simucoin Store Value Chart

    Please forgive me if something like this has been posted before. This is just what I've figured and did for my own edification. Figured someone else might enjoy. The chart includes the extreme purchases as both a standard and a premium member. Sometimes uses are tough to do. 30 Day items are just one use on the chart because figuring out how often you'd use an unnavable gold ring in 30 days, for example, is impossible for me.

    I also discuss in depth on two items that allow apples to apples (or rather silver to $) items (Death Sting Potion and Chronomage) below

     NameCostUsesat $5/500 rateat $100/12,500 rateat $5/550 rateat $100/13,500 rate 
     Age Reset1001$1.00$0.80$0.91$0.74 
     Animal Companion Reset5001$5.00$4.00$4.55$3.70 
     Birthday Adjustment1001$1.00$0.80$0.91$0.74 
     Bounty Task Voucher, 100700100$0.07$0.06$0.06$0.05 
     Bounty Task Voucher, 1007510$0.08$0.06$0.07$0.06 
     Culture Reset20001$20.00$16.00$18.18$14.81 
     Death's Sting Salve1006$0.17$0.13$0.15$0.12 
     Encumbrance Charm756$0.13$0.10$0.11$0.09 
     Encumbrance Potion 30 Day8501$8.50$6.80$7.73$6.30 
     Enhancive Recharger 30 Day3501$3.50$2.80$3.18$2.59 
     Enhancive, Recharge Regular 4 hours508$0.06$0.05$0.06$0.05 
     Enhancive, Spell Knowledge, 30 days6251$6.25$5.00$5.68$4.63 
     Enhancive, Spell Knowledge, 4 Hour958$0.12$0.10$0.11$0.09 
     Gold Ring, 30 days2501$2.50$2.00$2.27$1.85 
     Gold Ring, 60 uses25060$0.04$0.03$0.04$0.03 
     Guild Waiver 30 days4001$4.00$3.20$3.64$2.96 
     Locker Capacity Boost 30 Day5001$5.00$4.00$4.55$3.70 
     Locker Manifest 30 days251$0.25$0.20$0.23$0.19 
     Locker Permanent, 10250010$2.50$2.00$2.27$1.85 
     Locker Runner 30 days3001$3.00$2.40$2.73$2.22 
     Locker Runner 60 Uses30060$0.05$0.04$0.05$0.04 
     Locker, Multi-Realm 30 days10001$10.00$8.00$9.09$7.41 
     Locker, Permanent 10010000100$1.00$0.80$0.91$0.74 
     Profession Guild Task Vouchers 10 use9510$0.10$0.08$0.09$0.07 
     Profession Guild Task Vouchers 100 use900100$0.09$0.07$0.08$0.07 
     Urchin Guide501$0.50$0.40$0.45$0.37 

    For the most part, simucoins offer things that aren't available for purchase with silvers. However one item does: Death's Sting Salve.

    I'm going to look at two death stings: Decay with Deed. I'm ignoring the others because (1) I don't think the constitution penalty is all that much that I'd spend money to cure and (2) you should have deeds. Even using ;10deeds and buying dwarven rubies, it's about 4 cents a deed, which is way better than any of these other numbers. As ever, get resurrected.

    Some groundwork I use.

    1. Simucoins are worth between $0.008 a simucoin and $0.01 a simucoin, depending on whether you buy efficiently ($100 for 12,500) or inefficiently ($5 for 500). These are the standard account rates. I'll throw in the premium numbers at the end.
    2. Silver is priced at $8.00 per million and I'm ignoring transaction costs (i.e. there is some cost to finding a buyer/seller of silver, a risk you might get shafted, etc.). Likewise, I'm also ignoring the transaction cost of having to find the %##$ priestess, keep your bank account stocked in that city, etc.
    3. You want your death's sting for experience gone ASAP, which will involve getting rid of const first. Thus you will drink 2 times from simucoin death sting salve for decay with deed and buy 7 potions from the priestess
    4. I'm ignoring any time-value of money and the potential inefficiencies of buying more simucoins than you need at a time (if you just want a single death's sting potion, you are at minimum buying 400 more coins than you need).
    5. The formula for death's potions from a priestess is 150*Level+750 silver.

    Breakevens for Decaying with Deed

    Basically, it almost always pays to buy the death salve. Only if you buy at the inefficient $5/500 simucoin rate does it make sense to not buy the salve at any point, and that's only for levels 11-14 (you never need either from 1-10).

    At $8/million silver, at cap you save about $0.70-$0.75 for buying death salve instead of potions

    At higher rates, such as the apparent current rate of 10 per million silver, you're looking to save almost a dollar by buying the salve rather than the death potions. Keep in mind that this savings is each time you buy a salve, not each use.

    Chronospheres, on the other hand, aren't such an obvious good deal unless silver prices go up. A Chronomage sphere costs either 100k or 90k silver, or $0.80 and $0.72, respectively (but more often the 80 cent rate)

    For the standard user, if you buy inefficiently, you're spending $0.95 per Chronomage sphere. You have to buy at least $50 worth of simucoins to make buying a Chronomage sphere efficient (and then the cost is $0.79). And as for your home city rate? You can never better that.

    For a premium user, it's a little better. You only have to buy in $20 chunks to get below $0.80. Buying $100 worth of simucoins at a time makes it $0.70 per chronomage ticket. Buying $100 as premium is the only way you'll beat the home city discount.
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    Thanks for this! Subjectively speaking, I love the encumbrance potion the best. A real game-changer.

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    Great chart. It would be nice to also see the cost in terms of silvers for varying silver:dollar rates. This would help put things into perspective.

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    I can do that. Keep in mind that silvers fluctuate a lot more than simucoin costs, so I'm just kind of guessing with $8/1m silver. Also, just a reminder that these costs are per use. That's obvious with the $ amounts, but I think may get lost in the silver cost.

    Silver Cost (in thousands) of Simucoin Purchases at $8/1m Silver
     NameCostUsesat $5/500 rateat $100/12,500 rateat $5/550 rateat $100/13,500 rate 
     100 Perm Locker1000010012510011493 
     10 Perm Locker250010313250284231 
     Adv Guild Waiver 30 Day4001500400455370 
     Age Reset100112510011493 
     Animal Companion Reset5001625500568463 
     Birthday Adjustment100112510011493 
     100 Bounty Task Vouchers7001009786 
     10 Bounty Task Vouchers75109897 
     Death's Sting Salve100642333831 
     Encumbrance Charm75616131412 
     Encumbrance Potion 30 Day85011,063850966787 
     Locker Capacity Boost 30 Day5001625500568463 
     Enhancive Recharger 30 Day3501438350398324 
     Multi-Realm Lockers 30 day100011,2501,0001,136926 
     Short-Term Enhancive Recharger5088676 
     Unnavvable Gold Ring 30 Day2501313250284231 
     Unnavvable Gold Ring 60 Uses250605454 
     Urchin Guide50163505746 
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    To find additional amounts, take the following number and divide by the $/m amount. For example, if you want $9/m and see 1,000, divide that by 9 to get 111k silver.

    Base Rate. Divide $/m from number to get silver cost in thousands
     NameCostUsesat $5/500 rateat $100/12,500 rateat $5/550 rateat $100/13,500 rate 
     100 Perm Locker100001001,000800909741 
     10 Perm Locker2500102,5002,0002,2731,852 
     Adv Guild Waiver 30 Day40014,0003,2003,6362,963 
     Age Reset10011,000800909741 
     Animal Companion Reset50015,0004,0004,5453,704 
     Birthday Adjustment10011,000800909741 
     100 Bounty Task Vouchers70010070566452 
     10 Bounty Task Vouchers751075606856 
     Death's Sting Salve1006333267303247 
     Encumbrance Charm75612510011493 
     Encumbrance Potion 30 Day85018,5006,8007,7276,296 
     Locker Capacity Boost 30 Day50015,0004,0004,5453,704 
     Enhancive Recharger 30 Day35013,5002,8003,1822,593 
     Multi-Realm Lockers 30 day1000110,0008,0009,0917,407 
     Short-Term Enhancive Recharger50863505746 
     Unnavvable Gold Ring 30 Day25012,5002,0002,2731,852 
     Unnavvable Gold Ring 60 Uses2506042333831 
     Urchin Guide501500400455370 
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    This stuff is great! Should be sticky-noted and/or added to Krakiipedia/GSGuide.

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    i think i need to correct the death salve calculations. It looks like that unlike the death recovery potions, you get BOTH 5 CON and the 1k experience penalty removed.

    That means buying death potions is only a better deal at the $8/m rate if you are around level 11-14 and buying at the $5/500simucoin rate.

    EDIT: Updated charts. Not a big deal otherwise.
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    as soon as I do this, they go and change a bunch of things. I'll update this while I still have momentum.

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    OP Updated

    Cost to approximate Premium locker use: $10.6 if you buy $100 at a time. But does NOT include expanded lockers.
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    they just release a bunch of new stuff just to make you update charts....bastards.

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