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Thread: Game of Thrones Speculation

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    Quote Originally Posted by hello View Post
    OK 0/1, most of the above will come true.
    To be fair, some of that shit isn't all that far-fetched. Grey Worm will, in all likelihood, die. Jon finding out he's a Targ will be weird for sure. Euron dying by the end of this season wouldn't be a shocker, either.

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    I think it will be Missandei who will die, and her death will serve as some kind of catalyst, maybe creating berserker rage in Gray Worm at some critical moment in the plot. It might serve the same kind of catalyst for Danaeris to channel her inner dragon. Missandei was, after all, beloved by her as well. Besides, Missandei without Gray Worm becomes a very uninteresting character.
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    I feel that last nights episode pushed a bunch of threads a lot further in one episode than in previous seasons. In the end, it was a shitty episode because of zero Sandor Clegane sightings.

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    The ship battle scene was excellent was surprised we got such an expensive scene so early on. I guess HBO is rolling in money now.

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