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Thread: Mostly weapons, some armor

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    Default Mostly weapons, some armor

    Have the following currently for sale. Rather do silvers than cash, but willing to take cash via verified paypal at $5 per million or current market rate. Reasonable offers considered. If the price seems high, it's probably because it's being used.


    a golden-spiked kroderine greatshield, +22 spiked tower shield, chance to block incoming magical attacks + dispel flares, 40mil or $160 paypal only

    Brawling weapons

    +31 Greater fire flaring T3 ensorc uac gloves, easy 6-7x enchant, 50mil or $200 paypal only

    +31 disruption flaring T3 ensorc uac boots, 22mil or $90 paypal only

    One-Handed Edged Weapons

    a compact red vultite waraxe, 7x maxlight perm VHCW (181 services, 11 points), T2 ensorc w/ a show, 65mil or $260 paypal only

    a blackened vultite warblade, 7x maxlight perm HCW(10 points), T3 ensorc falchion base, 60mil or $240 paypal only

    a dark vultite butcher knife, 7x vhcw(13 points, 240 services) and T5 ensorc dagger base, 55mil or $220 paypal only

    a dark vultite butcher knife, 7x vhcw(12 points, 230 services) and T5 ensorc dagger base, 50mil or $200 paypal only


    6x heavily sighted T5 ensorc sephwir composite bow, 30mil or $140 paypal only

    6x heavily sighted sephwir long bow, 25mil or $100 paypal


    "an old mithril pike" 8x(+40) perfect forged T5 ensorc Greater fire flaring mithril lance, maxlight, 90mil or $380 paypal only


    6x Greater void flaring T5 ensorc runestaff, 80mil or $340 paypal

    4x T2 unlocked parasite runestaff, 60mil or $240 paypal


    8x maxlight black alloy scripted full plate, 60mil or $240 paypal only

    8x fairly crit padded(40 services) full leather, 60mil or $240 paypal only

    7x lightly crit padded(20 services) full leather, 25mil or $100 paypal only

    One Handed Blunt Weapons

    a tri-headed vaalorn spikestar with a heavy rhimar chain, +33 enchant Greater Ice Flaring T1 ensorcelled morning star, 7 lbs, 25mil or $100 paypal only
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    I'll take
    a tarnished golvern-studded maul, 5x critter found, 500k
    a perfect vultite handaxe, 6x enchanted 4lbs, 5.7mil
    some gleaming vultite metal breastplate, 4x and lighter than standard at 16 lbs, 175k

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    PM sent

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    I'll take the falchion

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    pm sent

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    some items gone, couple more added

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    items gone, more info added on items listed

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    Prices lowered on most items.

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    More items added.

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    7x star gone, some prices dropped.

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