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Thread: Mostly weapons, some armor

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    Default Mostly weapons, some armor

    Have the following currently for sale. Rather do silvers than cash, but willing to take cash via verified paypal at $5 per million or current market rate. Reasonable offers considered. If the price seems high, it's probably because it's being used.


    a twisted black branding iron, uses golden wands to heat up and cauterize bleeders, leaving them so they can be healed later without the bleeding, can be used on yourself or other people, causes rt when used, delirium manor jackpot win, 20mil or $75 paypal


    7x(+35) T3 unlocked energy staff, lightning script flare w/ disintegration added in regular flare spot, T3 ensorc, , cost 200k+bs to make, 80mil or $280 paypal

    Two-Handed Weapons

    8x HCW T5 ensorc +39 super bubble flaring maul, 90mil or $320 paypal

    Ranged weapons

    a +33 +14 agi stat hand crossbow, t1 dispel flares t5 ensorc +10 bubble flares, 2 CER, 60mil or $200 paypal

    5x heavily sighted sephwir longbow, 7mil


    a tanned leather knapsack, 2/200 backworn 4mil each, 3 available

    a ghostly-grey sorcerer's cloak, 5/200 old af, 10mil

    Enhancives - Perm

    +15 polearm weapon bonus, +11 harness power bonus ora greathelm, 40mil or $125 paypal

    some rugged zorchar-riveted boots, +4 air lore bonus persists, 4mil

    a full-finger dark vaalin talon ring, +2 log bonus, +2 aura bonus fully unlocked scripty talon ring persists, 4mil

    some +5 fire lore bonus, +5 water lore bonus and +5 earth lore bonus trousers, 1.5mil each, 2 of fire available 1 earth/water

    some rose-embroidered black silk gloves, can be scented with any perfumes/cologne t3 unlocked scripty and +5 perception bonus, 1.5mil

    a +5 twc bonus, +2 strength stat frontworn vest/waistcoats, has a girly script for wear/remove, couple of each available, 1mil each
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    I'll take
    a tarnished golvern-studded maul, 5x critter found, 500k
    a perfect vultite handaxe, 6x enchanted 4lbs, 5.7mil
    some gleaming vultite metal breastplate, 4x and lighter than standard at 16 lbs, 175k

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    PM sent

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    I'll take the falchion

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    pm sent

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    some items gone, couple more added

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    items gone, more info added on items listed

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    Prices lowered on most items.

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    More items added.

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    7x star gone, some prices dropped.

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