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Thread: Mostly weapons, some armor

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    Default Mostly weapons, some armor

    Have the following currently for sale. Rather do silvers than cash, but willing to take cash via verified paypal at $5 per million or current market rate. Reasonable offers considered. If the price seems high, it's probably because it's being used.

    10 setting lapidary box, a vine-painted bamboo cube bound with raffia, patterns are ovate, rose-cut, hollowed-out, clover-shaped, blush-hearted, ebon-sparked, eel-shaped, glimmering, ivory-shot, gold-shot, 15mil or $75 paypal

    a tall black silk hat, magical hat from Delirium Manor, pull items from it 1x a day, very random, headworn pocketed, 30mil or $150 paypal

    You analyze your black silk hat and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
    This is a fancy magician's hat originally created for Delirium Manor! The hat can be used once every 24 hours and you will randomly PULL out a "prize"!

    You last pulled an item out on: 11/1/2018 11:28:31 CDT
    You can PULL the hat again on: 11/2/2018 11:28:31 CDT

    The hat may be altered as long as it remains a hat of some sort.

    You can tell that the hat is as light as it can get, but you might be able to have a talented merchant deepen its pockets for you.

    __________________________________________________ _________________________

    a regal eonake jeddart-axe, 0x/2x when activated sancted T5 ensorc acid immolation weapon, 30mil or $150 paypal

    a stormcloud diamond amulet on a thick black cord, 3x/day 916 neckworn, 15mil or $75 paypal


    a voluminous pale linen robe tied with a sash of linked skulls, 6/200 unlocked bone shaman scripts, +1 to spirit recovery enhancive no lvl requirement persists, 35mil or $175 paypal

    One-Handed Weapons

    a tri-headed vaalorn spikestar with a heavy rhimar chain, +33 enchant Greater Ice Flaring T1 ensorcelled morning star, 7 lbs, 25mil or $125 paypal


    4x off the shelf fire shock spear, 1.5mil


    a pale faewood runestaff wrapped with pink lace around its shaft, unalterable(gm confirmed), 6x enchanted and +2 mana flares, 3.5mil

    4x off the shelf fire shock runestaff, 1.5mil

    Misc + Enhancives

    Crumbly unless specified

    Currently under construction, check back soon!

    +4 logic bonus crumbly headband, 2mil
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    I'll take
    a tarnished golvern-studded maul, 5x critter found, 500k
    a perfect vultite handaxe, 6x enchanted 4lbs, 5.7mil
    some gleaming vultite metal breastplate, 4x and lighter than standard at 16 lbs, 175k

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    PM sent

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    I'll take the falchion

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    pm sent

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    some items gone, couple more added

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    items gone, more info added on items listed

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    Prices lowered on most items.

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    More items added.

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    7x star gone, some prices dropped.

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