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Thread: My scripts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fortybox View Post
    New issue - my rogue is now trying to pour his toolkit on the box for a plate lock:

    I have vials to pour too:
    That sounds like a bug with the game itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tgo01 View Post
    That sounds like a bug with the game itself.
    Got it. Yeah it looks like it was resolved as I am not seeing the issue anymore.

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    Feature requests for my scripts might be implemented if I feel like it.

    Offers of silver tips for feature requests have a much better chance of being implemented.

    Bugs will be fixed for free...eventually...

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    So apparently it is possible for people to tip 0.

    The worker says, "Ah, here we are.  The client is offering a tip of 0 silver and they aren't sure where it came from.  The coffer is set up on the table for you.  When you're finished, ASK me to CHECK your work."
    [tpick: Minimum tip wanted not met, turning in box.]
    The default setting for that variable is 0, yet it turned it in. I think the <= in the evaluation makes 0 not okay. Might want to make it <

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