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Thread: Trade Plat to Prime

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    Default Trade Plat to Prime

    I don't currently have Plat open but if someone wanted to trade in Prime goods for my Plat,

    Would love to get a Dhu kitten in prime, trade you 3 Dhu kittens in a sack? (Not sure how I did that, I just kept getting them! but there really are 3 different kittens in the sack. No issues with individual attentions.)

    I have:
    a white forehead gem (cant recall exact description)
    3 Dhu Kittens (in 1 home sack)
    a white goat pin of some sort
    2600 Plat points
    can't think of anything else since its been years..

    Send me a pm if your interested and if its worth it, I'll open it back up for the trade.
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