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Thread: Olden days at Helgas.

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    Steps of hearthstone was always a fun time. And tsc, honestly, before it became perma sancted- Bleeds webbing/proning/stunning everyone in the room always made me chuckle. In fact, permasancts took a lot of the excitement out of the game. But that's a dead horse at this point.

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    Treehouse, motherfuckers.

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    Treehouse and the dinghy were the places to be. Or mayne the boulder in hobgobs.
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    The graveyard crypt was the place. Defij and I ran quite a few games of dice there (as well as "heists"), and it was fun to jump in on favor hunts and blast undead that were held by high-level clerics.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fallen View Post
    I remember playing during these times and I remember important people being in these various rooms. However, the sum of my gemstone experience at this point was, "Who is leading the next Trapdoor hunt?!!?"
    I was saddened when a while back I got a bounty to hunt thyrils. When I asked on the amulet who was available to help me open the trapdoor, most people didn't seem to know what I was talking about, and one fellow kindly directed me to a place where you can apparently just walk in on your own and hunt the thyrils without the need for a "trapdoor party."

    I always love taking bounties as a low-level character in Wehnimer's and being sent to all the old stomping grounds. It's so sad to see them all abandoned these days.

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    I never hunted around Landing and only recently discovered the trapdoor like nine years in...

    But it was still cool. Finding someone to jump on the trapdoor with me was hard though.

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    Tree parties!


    (Tree spirits, not the tree house)
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    I loved the amplified intensity of tree parties.

    First some poor schmuck would take a wrong turn at zombies and lose his vultite sword and shield...

    Then he'd message a friend who didn't realize trees were 27 and undead and would lose his crit weighted axe...

    Then a group of folks would come "tree partying" not realizing that the trees were armed to the teeth, and half of them would go down to fluke shots...

    Before long there were 15 dead bodies, and more and more equipment falling to larger and larger swarms that have now decided with the extra 100DS all they want to do is boil earth and roll 100's...

    Ahh the good old days

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    Bumpin an old ass thread to say Drek was never sold.. >.<

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    Wispie is back around too. Thanks for being my prop for the Silverwood Manor bug hunt, Wispie

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    I remember pretty much every last name listed. Wonder if I can get Slovath reactivated, games so different now, and Im a lot older.

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