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Thread: Nindon's Ensorcelling-by-the-Week Auction

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    Default Nindon's Ensorcelling-by-the-Week Auction

    Bidding will be based on the value of one week of necrotic energy. I have three weeks of energy accumulated. You can use 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 or all 3 weeks on a single item or multiple items. The price you pay will be your bid multiplied by the number of weeks you use. I will provide any needed inky black potions at no cost to you.

    I will collect your silvers each time I successfully complete a tier of ensorcellment. If I cannot complete a tier of ensorcellment, then you will not owe anything for the attempt. I reserve the right to reject anything I think will be too difficult. There is no chance of damage to your item.

    I only accept silvers. I cannot accept real world currency, bloodscrip or GoA.

    Please read the examples below before bidding, especially Example 4, which demonstrates that the maximum number of weeks available for auction is 3.

    Total Ensorcelling Bonus: 715

    MB: 500k per "week"
    CB: ___
    No buyouts accepted.


    Number of "weeks" required for each tier:

    From T0 to T1 --- 1.0 week
    From T1 to T2 --- 1.5 weeks
    From T2 to T3 --- 2.0 weeks
    From T3 to T4 --- 2.5 weeks
    From T4 to T5 --- 3.0 weeks
    T0 = not yet permanently ensorcelled

    As most of you already know, a "week" is the normal measuring unit for the necrotic energy used in the Ensorcell spell. It is not an indication of the amount of time it will take to complete your project. I have already accumulated 3 weeks of energy, and ensorcelling your item should take less than 10 minutes.


    Example 1. The winning bid is 500k silvers, and the winning bidder wants to increase the ensorcell on an item from T3 to T4. The cost will be 500k silvers * 2.5 weeks = 1.25 million silvers.

    Example 2. The winning bid is 1 million silvers, and the winning bidder wants to have each of three items ensorcelled to T1. The cost will be 1 million silvers * (1 week + 1 week + 1 week) = 3 million silvers.

    Example 3. The winning bid is 750k silvers, and the winning bidder wants to have one item ensorcelled from T0 to T2. The cost will be 750k silvers * (1 week +1.5 weeks) = 1.875 million silvers.

    Example 4. The winning bid is 750k silvers, and the winning bidder wants to have one item ensorcelled from T0 to T3. I will not be able to perform this service, because it would require more than three weeks of energy. But I could ensorcell the item from T0 to T2, as in Example 3, and the bidder could participate in a future auction to take the item from T2 to T3, or the winning bidder could get a different sorcerer to do the T2 to T3 ensorcell. There is no known penalty for using multiple sorcerers to ensorcell an item.

    Example 5. The winning bid is 1 million silvers, and the winning bidder wants to have one item ensorcelled from T0 to T1 and a different item ensorcelled from T2 to T3. The cost will be 1 million silvers * (1 week + 2 weeks) = 3 million silvers.

    Example 6. The winning bid is 2 million silvers, and the winning bidder wants to have an item ensorcelled from T4 to T5. The cost will be 2 million silvers * 3 weeks = 6 million silvers.

    If your item has not yet been ensorcelled, then Example 3 would be a good choice. If you are just interested in having your item work with combat maneuvers that benefit from anti-magic items (for Paladins, Rogues and Warriors), then you could consider buying only one week and having your item ensorcelled to T1.

    Feel free to post any questions or concerns. If you want to post your desired project before bidding, then I can double check your computation of the number of weeks to be multiplied by your bid. But if you've read this far, then you've become an ensorcelling expert. What's left to ask? Just bid!
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    Points of Interest

    • Anticipated date of next auction, if all goes as planned: TBA

    • Winning bid at last auction: 1.6 million silvers per week

    • Average winning bid: 2.24 million silvers per week (see it charted by date)

    • Most difficult items ensorcelled: T5 on a 10x shield with +10 TD and banshee flares and T5 on 10x HCP armor, both of which tested as "very difficult"
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    2 mil per week
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    2.5 million per week

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    I will call it tomorrow afternoon around 4:30 p.m. eastern time. I don't believe there will be a need to call once, twice and sold. Instead, whoever has the high bid at that time will be the winner. If it is convenient for the winning bidder, then I can do the ensorcelling tomorrow afternoon. If not, we can work out another time tomorrow evening or one day later next week.

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    Aluvius has the winning bid. I will do another auction soon.

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    Thanks Nindon, quick response and work ... I now have an ensorcelled weapon, yay!

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    I have three more weeks of necrotic energy to auction. Terms are the same as in the first post. I will call the auction late afternoon eastern time on Sunday, Nov. 24. I won't be doing once, twice, sold. It'll just go to whoever has the high bid.

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    2.5m per week please

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