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Thread: A Toast to my Wife, Monique (Mellynia)

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    Default A Toast to my Wife, Monique (Mellynia)

    A toast to my wife...

    I wish you enjoyment in your new relationship... whichever of those men you choose it with.

    I wish you security... remember to change your passwords before the next man you live with moves in.

    I wish you good health...all those late nights and early mornings waiting for men to call can take a lot out of you.

    I wish you good fortune...the phone bills to Korea, Florida, and Canada can't be cheap.

    I wish you love .. in all of the many, sordid, on line forms you've pursued it.

    And I wish you serenity.. as long as his wife in PA doesn't find out, or the wife in Missouri, or the...

    I hope this toast fills you and your new found love(s) with the promise of all your tomorrows to come, may they all be as bright and as fulfilling as mine have been, this last year married to you.



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    Good thing you're not bitter or anything.

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    You know my thoughts on this hun. Best wishes to you always.

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    Hmm ouch, no one should have to go through what you went through. Some women, just don't know when they have a good mate!

    You can easily judge the character of others by how they treat those who they think can do nothing for them.

    What other people think of you is none of your business.

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    Although I may not know every intricate detail of their relationship, I do know that Vince is a sweetheart and deserves way better. For the bald head alone!

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    Have you ever considered unleashing a pwning on her?

    - Arkans

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    Don't think i have ever met Maegyn in game, but My hunting partner in game is Mellynia, she is a sweetheart, Will be no PWNING of her in game while im around.
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    Originally posted by MPSorc
    Don't think i have ever met Maegyn in game, but My hunting partner in game is Mellynia, she is a sweetheart, Will be no PWNING of her in game while im around.

    I'm surprised you had the balls to respond to this thread, Will. She's a bit more than just a hunting partner, as far as your correspondance with her shows. I'd be more than happy to post that email here for you, in order to refresh your memory. I'm sure your wife would get a thrill out of it, too.
    What do you say, stud? It's your call.


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    As I just said on the other boards, was it really necessary for you to post this three times? Seriously, if you loved her at all and had any respect for her despite what happened you wouldn't be trying to slander her. This is like Klaive-ish behavior.

    (Let me add that my lion will pwn your wolf!)

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