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Thread: Profanity... a terminal frontend

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    Is it possible for Profanity to recognize lich commands or alternatively have a lich script push information into a window other then 'main'?
    Not sure. My most basic hacking instincts tell me to run some script and somehow reload it every so-often, and modify the script with some external code directly. It does not sound elegant, but one wonders if it can work...

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    Also, as I mention on the gswiki article, lich does push information to another window other than Profanity already. It spills it to the terminal which launches Profanity rather than the game feed. ;bigshot and ;zzherb are doing this.

    So, you may be able to exploit this as "a feature, not a bug".

    Looking deeper into Profanity, one can see how it decides window sizes, and where to push stuff. It does this somewhat automagically (there is no death feed if the terminal is too small for it), but you can modify its numbers and logic. My deathbot is still offline, but I used Profanity to yank the death messages and throw them through twurl and post on twitter.

    So, these kinds of things are very do-able. It depends much on what you want and what easy hacks you can accept (or, how much digging and research you are willing to do).

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    you can use `pushStream` and push things wherever you want with your scripts as you can define arbitrary windows for a given stream id.

    I don't do this much and instead prefer to just have quite a few `<preset>` tags that I use for custom reporting levels & highlights when I am working on complicated stuff.

    But I can see how it might be nice for Arena or something.
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    Anyone know why the Profanity mana/health/etc. progress windows aren't updating for one character, when they do update for a different character?

    I tried debugging by throwing the XML lines to the main window and it doesn't look like there are <progressBar> lines being sent for the character that doesn't update. That makes me think it is a Lich problem, but I don't understand why it works for one character and not another.

    Could it be a setting on the character somewhere?

    EDIT: Fixed.

    For anyone that may for some strange reason have this problem in the future, the problem lies in the regular expression that matches the progressBar line (/^<progressBar id='(.*?)' value='[0-9]+' text='\1?\s?(\-?[0-9]+)\/([0-9]+)'/).

    In Stormfront, you can change the text that is sent by the server by right clicking on the progress bars. At some point in the past I changed that text to be an empty string. So when the data came from the server instead of text='mana 10/10', it came across as test='10/10'. Because the regex assumes the pattern is text='word #/#' it failed the regex match.

    The solution is make sure your progress bars have one word (and only one word)... or fix the regex to not make the assumption about the word in text.
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    Just started using ProfanityFE due to some odd crashes/redraws with StormFront. So far, I really like it. I'm still learning the configs and have some thoughts on potential improvements (I'll need to get up to speed on Ruby, done a lot of Python and PowerShell but no Ruby). One quick question though; I really like using the 10-key for movement functions and am not quite sure what IDs to use for those keys. Anyone have an idea what to use?

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