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Thread: Profanity... a terminal frontend

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    I assume the terminal is telling Profanity that it can change the colors in its color palette, but then just ignores any attempt to do so. That's how the terminal on Android acts. To use the workaround I made for Android, put --custom-colors=off on the command line when starting Profanity. This will keep Profanity from trying to change the color palette.

    However, I wasn't able to get it to detect the color in the palette, so its using a hard-coded list of color codes. I don't really expect Windows to be using the same ones that everyone else does (cause Windows), so your colors may be a lot different from what you expect, but at least they should be constant. Even if they do use the same palette, your colors will be somewhat off. Profanity lets you choose any color you want, but there's really only 256 in the color pallet. It doesn't seem like this should be an issue with a terminal that supports 24-bit color, but as far as I can tell curses doesn't support that. When the terminal lets Profanity change the color pallet, then it changes it to exactly the color you ask for, and is only limited to displaying 256 colors at once. When it can't change the color pallet, it has to try to pick the closest color from the available colors, and it's not great at it. All it does is minimize the sum of the squared errors on the red, blue, green values. Sometimes it'll find the right color which is just a couple shades lighter or darker from what you asked for, and sometimes it'll find a completely different color.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dott View Post
    I don't think I saw this answered, but the one thing holding me back from using this as my primary FE is that I haven't figured out how to specify the default text and background by color code. Changing the --default-background-color-id option only seems to change the background where text appears without touching the empty space, and I'd also like to use a default fg/bg color based on arbitrary hexcodes not tied to my console/shell settings.

    Any insight?
    The default background and text color has to be changed in your terminal's settings. How to do that depends on your terminal. The --default-background-color-id setting is a workaround for some funky terminal. I forget which terminal. If Profanity wants to change just the background or just the text color for some text, it has to specify both the text color and the background color. That setting allows it to specify the right color to keep the text or background from changing (on a funky terminal) when it doesn't want to change it.

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    Does this work on Chromebooks?

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    Sorry, I should have mentioned that the issue of inconsistent colors happens regardless of the custom-colors setting. I've tried it both on and off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Erous View Post
    Does this work on Chromebooks?
    works great to ssh from your chromebook/android phone to an x86 machine running profanity/lich
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    You may need a different terminal. Try running profanity with the flag '--custom-colors=off'. Does that help?

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    From what I can tell, is not a terminal issue on Windows anymore, but instead is because Ruby's Curses on Windows only supports 16 colors. So no matter the terminal, you're still using the same pdcurses.dll and thus the problem.

    I did get it to work fine using Ubuntu via the new Windows Subsystem for Linux. Not the most ideal solution, but it does work.

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    Late reply, as I figured it out eventually. Basically, figured out a terminal I like that both allows me to easily set up a custom palette and plays nice with Profanity (Terminator on Linux in case anyone else is looking for one). Thanks for the response, though, Tillmen!

    My general-use terminal is one of the funky ones, but not one that the workaround works with. Having a terminal program specifically for GS works out well, though.


    On an unrelated note, I'm currently looking into how to get full-line monsterbold highlights working. (as used in gamewide announcements, some GM storyline stuff, and unread NEWS articles) The issue appears at first glance to be with lines that begin with a <pushBold/> and have an endline before the <popBold/> not being included in the 'monsterbold' preset. I've done very little whatsoever with game XML, though, so I'm probably missing something.
    Plus I'm a relative noob with Ruby.

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    Hi everyone. Forgot about this thread. I wrote an overview of the FE, but it's only my perspective, still a bit in progress, and also with a (possibly) old version:

    gswiki Profanity article

    Put some comments here, Discuss on the wiki, or directly edit, as you see fit. Thanks.
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    Is it possible for Profanity to recognize lich commands or alternatively have a lich script push information into a window other then 'main'?

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