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Thread: Post your pocket knives!

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    there was a post your guns topic and i figured i'd make one for people to post their pocket knives.

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    mine vary but today its spyderco paramilitary 2

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    Bought a Swiss Army Cyber Tool back in 97. Still have all the original pieces to it. Its been very useful over the years and sits within arms reach at my desk to this day. Used it last night in fact.

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    Also bought a Swiss Army Shoe back in '88:
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    No one else appreciates pocket knives?
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    I either carry a Gerber Gator or a Coleman fixed-blade knife, depending on what I am doing. The fixed-blade isn't exactly a pocket knife, but I carry it a lot anyway.



    I really want to pick up a Bench Made knife, but they are pricey.
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    I use a Klein 44033.
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    Spyderco Harpy here for daily carry.
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    SOG Flash I for daily carry


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