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Thread: Outfit Award

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    You see Kazastrahd.
    He appears to be a Faendryl Dark Elf.
    He is average height and appears to be very young. He has grey-green eyes and ashen skin. He has short, auburn hair. He has a riveted iron mask with a padlocked mouth fully covering his face. He has a mold-covered cloth raven perched on his shoulder.
    He is in good shape.
    He is holding an elegant orase runestaff in his right hand.
    He is wearing a trio of stygian eyebrow rings, a hooded leather duster, a twisted black mawflower, a dark emerald-clasped runestaff harness, a black leather vest covered with numerous runes, some flowing robes, a twisted black willow bracelet, a writhing vruul ring, a utilitarian black wand belt, a smooth black willow scabbard, a belt pack, a tome case, and some heavy leather boots.

    You see Skjarg.
    He appears to be a Giantman.
    He is very tall and appears to be very young. He has steel grey eyes and copper skin. He has a bald head.
    He is in good shape.
    He is wearing a pair of mithril-framed spectacles, a silver-bladed dagger medallion, a thick silvery brown wolf fur coat, an antique silver clasp, a quilted navy silk doublet, some reinforced silver-buttoned leathers, a heavy backpack, a thick gold ring, a large sack clasped with a banded onyx solitaire, some dark silver-buttoned breeches, and a pair of black leather boots polished to a mirror shine.

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    You see Martieln.
    He appears to be a Human.
    He is tall and appears to be in the prime of life. He has piercing crystal blue eyes and nut brown skin. He has very long, fine black hair streaked with silver. He has an angular face, a crooked nose and a pronounced jawline.
    You can hardly recognize him covered in all that soot and ash!
    He is in good shape.
    He is wearing a laje-bound orase badge, a slanted crow-feathered hat, a wedge of blue-green geode on a silver chain, a deeply-cowled moss green cloak frayed at the hem, a silver-lined emerald leaf cloak clasp, a twisted amber and jade symbol shaped like sheaves of grain, a thrak hide vest, a myklian scale weapon harness slung over his shoulder, a green and brown patchwork cape embroidered with vines and oak leaves, a pair of worn ebon leather gloves embroidered with dozens of tiny thorns, a leather hawk-feathered sheath, a dark bloodwood bug bag threaded with twine and fastened with a rune-marked veil iron clasp, a roan suede survival kit, some enruned doeskin trousers, an ivory-throated jet leather thigh-quiver, and some modest moccasins.

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    You see Otwin the Prestidigitator.
    He appears to be a Burghal Gnome.
    He is short and appears to be full grown. He has sparkling green eyes and fair skin. He has receding, shaggy brown hair. He has a hunched back.
    He is in good shape.
    He is holding a burnished mossbark runestaff in his right hand.
    He is wearing a blown glass replica bay bauble, a dark moon-and-stars cloak, some thick alchemist's gloves, some sapphire blue robes, a sky blue components bag stitched with silver stars and moons, and a minotaur horn scroll tube.

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    You see Tactikus.
    He appears to be a Half-Krolvin.
    He is average height and appears to be very young. He has piercing silver-blue eyes and ashen skin. He has short, auburn hair streaked with silver.
    He is in good shape.
    He is holding a soiled loot sack in his right hand.
    He is wearing a knotted red bandana, a verdigrised copper boatswain's call strung on a silvery cord, a dirt-caked ruby amulet, a weathered leather cloak secured at the shoulder with a round hammered steel clasp, a gold-tasseled naval shoulder knot, a dark brown leather satchel embellished with a skull medallion, a seasoned black leather pack, some scored brigandine armor, a polished gold ring, a skull-buckled dark leather swordbelt notched along the edge, a black leather pouch stamped with a skull and crossbones, some fitted black leather trousers, and some slouched black leather boots.

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    I've been posting here instead:

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    Been a while!

    You see Lady Jolena Zrenigotham.
    She appears to be a Human.
    She is of a peculiarly diminutive stature and appears to be in the prime of life. She has mismatched cerulean and smaragdine eyes and supple sun-toned tawny skin. She has shoulder-length, wavy maple hair bound into a twisted infinity knot by some lacquered ebony hairsticks. She has an elegantly sculpted face and a tiny single freckle beside her petite button nose. She has delicately contoured deep rose lips. She has glossy white-tipped lacquer brushed onto her squared fingernails.
    She has a crescent moon tattoo on her neck, and a blooming moonflower tattoo on her waist.
    She is in good shape.
    She is holding an elliptical white gold mirror incised with tumbling modwir leaves in her right hand.
    She is wearing a bright faenor earcuff, a mosaic platinum-linked choker, a gauzy malachite robe embroidered with thorny black roses, a silk-lined sanded ebonwood case slung over her shoulder, a filmy off-shoulder ebon silk blouse, some wide-legged flowing chainsil pants, and some low-heeled malachite silk slippers.

    Earcuff: The faenor which makes up this earcuff is remarkably pristine, its rich light green color unblemished by the normally characteristic darkly hued veins. Only a single vein of deep green is visible anywhere, forming a stylized tree along the rearward face.

    Choker: Each of four obsidian tiles is painted with a different scene and secured to its neighbor with links of platinum. Starting at the platinum clasp, the mosaic portrays the image of a modwir tree during the changing of seasons. Transitioning from budding life in twilight grey, full bloom in blackened green, tumbling leaves in shimmering silver, and strikingly bare in misty white, the majestic being moves from birth to death in an endless circle.

    Slippers: A wide ribbon of malachite silk loops across the front of the slipper, designed to cover the front of the foot just before the toes and ending mid-arch. An additional ribbon of the silk, though much more narrow, is fashioned to wrap up and around the ankle of the wearer, ending at the calf with a small ivory-carved lily clasp. Thin veins of faenor highlight the petals of the lily, their black-green hue lending a darker contrast to the malachite of the slippers.

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    Woman, did you just give yourself an outfit award?
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    Hehe, yeah I did apparently. LOL I did say it's been a while, yes? Oops!

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    I had to google smaragdine.
    You had better pay your guild dues before you forget. You are 113 months behind.

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    Sounds too close to smegma.
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