I still believe in the power and goodness of this thread:

You see Lady Vellani Quinra'lireh Loenthra the Composer.
She appears to be an Elf.
She is very tall. She appears to be an adult. She has silver-rimed aubergine eyes and rosy porcelain white skin. She has thick, auric blonde hair that falls in a heavy curtain of locks to her waist. She has an oval face, an upturned nose and long pointed ears. She has a long, graceful neck and pronounced jawline lending to her statuesque appearance.
She has an old battle scar across her chest.
She is holding a full-skirted off-white shift in her right hand.
She is wearing a teardrop amethyst ferroniere, an imflass-veined cyan marbrinus pelisson clasped with triple amethyst rings, a tapestry-woven instrument case patterned with vivid anemone blossoms slung over her shoulder, a pale blue faille chemise with seed pearls bleeding from the hemline, an empire-waist cyan marbrinus gown bound with an imflass mesh cincher, a glacial white smooth glaes armband, a slim amethyst signet ring, a petite valise of silver-sheened periwinkle satin, and a pair of midnight blue velvet slippers with squared toes.