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Thread: Outfit Award

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    I still believe in the power and goodness of this thread:

    You see Lady Vellani Quinra'lireh Loenthra the Composer.
    She appears to be an Elf.
    She is very tall. She appears to be an adult. She has silver-rimed aubergine eyes and rosy porcelain white skin. She has thick, auric blonde hair that falls in a heavy curtain of locks to her waist. She has an oval face, an upturned nose and long pointed ears. She has a long, graceful neck and pronounced jawline lending to her statuesque appearance.
    She has an old battle scar across her chest.
    She is holding a full-skirted off-white shift in her right hand.
    She is wearing a teardrop amethyst ferroniere, an imflass-veined cyan marbrinus pelisson clasped with triple amethyst rings, a tapestry-woven instrument case patterned with vivid anemone blossoms slung over her shoulder, a pale blue faille chemise with seed pearls bleeding from the hemline, an empire-waist cyan marbrinus gown bound with an imflass mesh cincher, a glacial white smooth glaes armband, a slim amethyst signet ring, a petite valise of silver-sheened periwinkle satin, and a pair of midnight blue velvet slippers with squared toes.

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    Your disk arrives, following you dutifully.
    >l ane
    You see Lady Aneza the Empath.
    She appears to be a Vaalor Elf.
    She is average height and has a curvy, well-rounded figure. She appears to be very young. She has voluminously lashed amethyst eyes and soft, creamy white skin. She has mid back-length, silky ocean blue hair styled in face-framing, feathery layers. She has a well-defined, heart-shaped face, a slender, delicately flared nose and petal pink, bow-shaped lips.
    She is in good shape.
    She is wearing an iridescent opal heart pendant, a sweeping cloak of layered pale silk velvet, a smooth lasimor case, a single-strapped onyx leather corset over a silver-traced sheer white blouse, a knee-length layered gauzy crimson skirt, and some knee-buckled oiled onyx leather boots.
    >l ey
    You see Eyrek Rassien.
    He appears to be a Vaalor Elf.
    He is taller than average and has a muscular, able-bodied physique. He appears to be very young. He has thick-lashed crystal blue eyes and alabaster skin. He has short, wavy auburn hair shaved at the temples. He has an angular face and a classical nose.
    You can hardly recognize him covered in all that soot and ash!
    He is in good shape.
    He is wearing a single-buttoned black jacket with silver pinstripes, a long-sleeved white dress shirt with two-button cuffs, an eahnor signet ring, some fitted black pants with silver pinstripes, and some tailored coal black shoes.

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    This is why i love merchant events. Everyone looks awesome

    You see Lady Uniana Anduin Nalfein the Socialite.
    She appears to be an Elf.
    She is shorter than average. She appears to have come of age. She has violet-shadowed, pale lilac eyes and ivory skin. She has long, silky black cherry-hued hair neatly parted and brushed straight under a vivid sanguine eahnor diadem framed with sweeping arcs of scarlet ibis feathers on either side. She has a bronze mask with one side muscularly chiseled and the other delicately curved partially covering her face and subtly arched eyebrows. Her soft lips are tinged with understated carmine.
    She has a thin scar of delicate intertwined thorns on her neck.
    She is in good shape.
    She is holding a vaalorn and coiled silver circlet in her right hand and a wine-colored drawstring bag in her left hand.
    She is wearing a pair of bronze-plated coin earrings stamped with the visage of a patrician elf, a duo of scarlet leather belts cinched navel and sternum by gold rondels over a plunging chiton of side-by-side burgundy and red pleated charmeuse, a floriated petite lasimor band gracing the left ring finger, and some thin-laced red leather sandals.

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    Damn, I thought my chars were pretty well dressed but the above is on a whole other level. It's S-tier work and gives me JoJo's Bizarre Adventure vibes in the best possible way.

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