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  1. Default Razern Falchion

    Selling a Falchion to help pay for new armor. Can be purchased in IMT directly.

    You tap a sharply-honed razern falchion

    You carefully inspect your razern falchion.

    After a careful inspection you determine that a sharply-honed razern falchion requires skill in edged weapons to use effectively.

    It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of razern.

    +10, LCW

    150k, negotiable.
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    What are you trying to get for new armor?

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    A decent set of 4x doubles, something dark or rogue-ish preferably.

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    I'll take this. Send me a PM.

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    Rogue guild has some fairly reasonable doubles... Black stalking leathers or something

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    Falchion is sold, thanks!

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