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Thread: Forging Services - Polearms and 2handers...

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    Post Forging Services - Polearms and 2handers...

    Contact me here to inquire about my forging and enchanting services. I can forge a perfect for you and enchant it to 4x. Prices start lower with steel/wood and go up depending on materials you want. 4x enchanting free of charge, but takes time.

    Current weapon types I can forge perfectly:
    In the skill of forging - one handed blunt, you are a master with 500 ranks.
    In the skill of forging - two handed weapons, you are a master with 500 ranks.
    In the skill of forging - pole arms, you are a master with 500 ranks.

    Coming soon: OHE!

    I am currently working with the standard materials, here is a list:
    (List of weapons that can be forged)

    PICK ONE OF EACH for your project.



    Rare Woods:

    NEW: Ruic
    NEW: Villswood

    Note: rare woods incur extra costs.


    Bronze - Price Estimate : 2m
    Steel (cheapest) - Price Estimate : 2m
    Mithril - Price Estimate : 3-4m
    Ora - - Price Estimate : 4-5m
    Imflass** - Price Estimate : 4-5m
    Vultite (no enchant time, naturally +20) - Price Estimate : 5-6m

    Rare metals - Very expensive, not for the faint of heart. Inquire if you dare.

    Note: These are only estimates, prices can vary depending on weapon type, blade metal, handle material, and amount of time needed.
    ** Can only enchant to +17, +22 is a major project and has significant costs



    I can do lances and mauls as well. Note about lances: Can not have a wooden shaft, you must pick a metal for the shaft.

    All weapons include a label scribed with the text of your choice.

    *Chronomage Travel costs not included in final price (150k extra)

    Thank you.

    Weapon Log, Completed Projects:

    perfect hickory-handled vultite maul - Cannel 6/6/2017
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    Just had nocturnix forge me a perfect maul, was done over a weekend! Very quick and efficient and very pleasant doing business with him. Would do it again and recommend it to anybody!

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    Excellent forger, and very professional. Made arrangements to have a weapon made of the above listed items with Nocturnix. Easy as just picking your item part listed above, and sending a PM. Was very quick service, pleasant transaction, and easy pickup. Not only would i recommend his service to others, I will be a return customer in the future.

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    whats the charge for this service? I would be interested in a perfect lance but have no grasp of forging. Please inform =) And would these items be blessable - sanct in a cleric/pally hands? Again I know nothing of the forging process
    A bone golem is enraged by your attack!
    You thrust with a white ora spetum at a bone golem!
    AS: +101 vs DS: -38 with AvD: +29 + d100 roll: +38 = +206
    ... and hit for 76 points of damage!
    Neck broken.
    The bone golem twitches several times before dying.
    Roundtime: 6 sec.
    R>sea golem
    ...wait 1 seconds.
    R>sea golem
    Geez! It's still alive! Not a good time for that.

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    I may start taking custom forging projects again if there is ample interest.

    Cheapest magical material: mithril.
    Cheapest recommended non-magical: steel.

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    Hello, id like to order a 4x perfect steel trident if you could. Please let me know.

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    How much for a 4x perfect maul?
    nevermind, got one in game.
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    i'd take a perfect vultite maul and a perfect vultite lance also assuming reasonable prices.

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    Your project's cost will be greatly increased by the materials you choose. For a budget magical weapon, mithril is always the way to go. I can provide free enchanting, but it will take several weeks until it reaches 4x.

    I have not done a vultite project yet, but my guess is cost of materials alone would be somewhere in 3-5mil range. That is not including my labor fees. If you really need a shiny vultite weapon, be prepared to pay for it! That being said, please PM me your project details and I can give you a quote. As for vultite, if you really want it, we will have to be flexible on the cost as I am unsure how much it will take to create such a weapon.

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    Redforge is open for business again, new weapon Types mastered: OHB.

    Extra travel costs for wooden handles outside of Zone 1 (WL,Sol,IMT) - 150k

    1-below perfects found in my shop in WL @ #363, Go boutique
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