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Thread: I'm so tired of...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suppressed Poet View Post
    This epidemic or whatever you call all this BS since March 2020…

    I was happy. I had great routines. I drove into the office 5 days a week. I took nice vacations at least twice a year. The world made sense to me until it didn’t.
    Yeah, I feel you. It's been a double-edged sword for me. We in the IT department had been struggling to talk the management into allowing us some work from home opportunities. Their opposition to the idea was inflexible. So the 2020 - 2022 period changed their mind on that fully and we're all able to work from home 100% of the time, so that's been a boon that saved me 10 hours of commute a week.

    Otherwise, I miss the vacations, the concerts, etc. I had so many good concerts lined up for 2020 and the ticket vendors all just raised a middle finger to the purchasers that year. I got a couple credits back, but hardly anybody was giving money back.

    Hard to see an end in sight for this shit at this time. Maybe in a few months it'll start looking better.
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    ...of the 2022 stock market.

    Click the link above to see how much you owe the government.

    "Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."
    -Superracist, Joe Biden

    ďIf you donít believe in free speech for people who you disagree with, and even hate for what they stand for, then you donít believe in free speech.Ē
    -My favorite liberal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suppa Hobbit Mage View Post
    ...of the 2022 stock market.
    Ohh that’s a good one. I’m not a trader and don’t watch it that closely, but just yesterday I saw the ticker on our company intranet and said out loud “what the hell is going on with our stock?”.

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