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Thread: a gold-banded glowbark runestaff. 4x acuity flaring wand holder.

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    Default a gold-banded glowbark runestaff. 4x acuity flaring wand holder.

    As title says. Comes tipped with a carved dark red jasper flame which is a mage rechargeable major fire wand.

    When this runestaff flares you get back 2 mana. Does not only flare on offensive spells.. but defensive spells.. and eating herbs and many other ways.
    I believe it may be zested as well. I know its been unlocked.

    It has a bonus of +22 from a normal runestaff, and the way it vibrates in tune with your voice tells you that it requires skill in twohanded weapons to use effectively. It also has some type of special ability, but you can't tell what yet.

    The harmonics generated tell you that the runestaff has been infused with mana.

    Err.. sorry about the acuity messup.. My bad.. it just flares mana. I know now that acuity raises CS. SORRY!

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    so it's 2x mana flaring, not 4x acuity?
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    so is this regular +22 glowbark or shoddy +20 glowbark?
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    it is +22

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    I'll go 1.2 on this, thanks!
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    yeah mana flares =/= acuity flares
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    i need clarification as well-- mana flaring returns mana-- does this increase CS or AS or whatever it is that acuity flares do when it flares? thanks

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