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    They have Predators. Those are the good ones. They are never going to add a damn Baneblade.
    The Predators are nice but they seem more like a Bradley fighting vehicle than an actual MBT.

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    Bumping again.

    - Added more early third-generation battle tanks; Leo 2, M1 Abrams, T-64BV, Challenger 1, Type 90, an entire French ground tree up to the AMX-40 (not the paper tank from WoT but the one from the early '80s). Includes ERA and composite armor configurations.

    - Naval forces in beta, one official video claimed they'd be released at end of the year. Early tiers are torpedo boats, later tiers are cruisers.

    - Guided munitions. Besides the ATGMs mentioned earlier, there's now a WW2-era glide bomb and an early AGM, but extremely likely to have more added. They've said they'll never add SAMs but they said the same thing about modern tanks and helicopters. Speaking of which..

    - Fucking helicopters. Just announced at Gamescom. They will be late, Tier V unlocks. Previewed so far are the Mi-24, Mi-4, UH-1, and AH-1F.
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