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Thread: postcap locksmith?

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    Default postcap locksmith?

    With enough postcap PTPs I could pick up 2x lockpicking and disarm and get the full self cast benefit from lores by using imbued rods. Question is, would I be able to even attempt nelemar boxes with this? I know I couldn't get all of them, but could I get, say, half of them? Without any way to measure locks would I just be breaking picks left and right? How about capped warcamp boxes?

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    I have virtually no experience as a locksmith, but from comments made by those who pick my warcamp boxes, they say that while somewhat variable, they are usually very easy. One time I was taunted when handing over some level 93 warcamp boxes, I was asked "Hah, do you hunt kobolds or something?". Ironically, the next box kill him. They seem to occasionally drop tough ones, but the majority I get are picked with copper/silver lockpicks by my smiths.
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    Not sure about picking, but with 1x disarm and lore I can disarm I think up to around -330 manually and with 402 up I can spot any trap, so if nothing else you won't blow yourself up.
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    I knew I shouldn't have tried this one.

    >detect my chest
    You carefully begin to examine a battered mithril chest for traps...

    Peering closely into the lock, you spy a miniature blood red scarab wedged into the lock mechanism. The scarab's shell is etched on the back with a dark teardrop-shaped pattern surrounded by tiny runes.

    It looks like an astoundingly difficult trap (about -465).

    You still have a good enough picture of the trap in your mind, that you could try to disarm it.
    Roundtime changed to 9 seconds.

    Roundtime: 13 sec.

    >disarm my chest
    Having discovered a trap on the chest you begin to carefully attempt to disarm it...

    You feel like you've made a poor attempt.

    As you poke around inside the lock, you hear a clicking noise coming from within a battered mithril chest. A tiny blood red insect with a large teardrop etched on its shell scuttles out of the locking mechanism and darts towards you!

    A blood red teardrop-etched scarab clamps its tiny mandibles onto your left leg!

    Roundtime: 43 sec.
    Roundtime changed to 31 seconds.

    Aside from that little hiccup... not bad so far, for a ranger trying to open boxes.

    Most difficult lock picked: -970
    Most difficult trap disarmed: -393

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