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Thread: Locker cleanout sell

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    Default Locker cleanout sell

    few items here i have no use fer

    #1 some old vultite studded leather 4x 15 lbs MB:30k SOLD
    #2 a dwarven mining backpack holds VLA 10 lbs MB:15k
    #3 a weathered pale blue silk cloak with a small gold-threaded lizard on the left shoulder holds VLA 7 lbs MB:30k
    #4 a large hooded caramel leather cloak with a twig-shaped clasp holds VLA 8 lbs zested open/closes MB:60k shad0ws0ngs sold ready fer pick up
    #5 SOLD
    #6 a haon driftwood mask carved with an eerie savage facial expression pin worn MB:10k
    #7 a mesille composite bow 3x +14 dex stat , +2 health recovery , +10 max health , +6 dodging bonus , lots of charges , persistant MB:4.5 million OBO ( best offer can be lower then 4.5 million )SOLD
    #8 a veniom-hilted ora falchion 2x temporarily exceptionally damage weighted MB:175k
    #9 a slender bleached wraith bone scroll tube shoulder/back-worn holds LA 5 lbs MB:20k
    #10 an oak brown glowbark runestaff +22 MB:250k
    #11 a forest green orase runestaff 4x MB:150k
    #12 a brown jade constable statue. blank imbed average mana (will include imbeding a mage spell if needed ) MB:10k
    #13 a vultite chain neck-worn ring holder comes with 20 fresh gold rings MB:300k
    #14 an engraved silver burial urn fluff ( the only one i have ever seen ) MB:50k
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    I started out with nothing , and I still have most of it left !

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    Is pds supposed to be pounds? Cause the abbreviation for that is lbs.

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    opps yes its supposed to be pounds
    I started out with nothing , and I still have most of it left !

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    I'll take #5 a spiraling tapered faewood runestaff

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    Mb on 4, 300k on 5
    Japhrimel takes his black branding iron and jabs the superheated metal into your open wound. You let out a scream as the hot iron sizzles against your flesh, which begins to smoke and burn. The sensation sets your nerves aflame with blinding white agony, but somehow you manage to retain consciousness through the excruciating procedure. At last, the wound is blackened and sealed, but the pain is slow to recede.

    ...unfortunately, your heart gives out a moment later.

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