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Thread: Cyberpunk 2077

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    Just watched the gameplay reveal. I am sold. How was I not aware of this?

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    More like me seeing "Cyberpunk" together and cringing slightly. Definitely on board now though, very impressive.

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    CDPR is the shit.

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    Seriously, that 48 minutes looks like finished product, not a pre-alpha version of a game.

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    They made a metric ton of money from Witcher 3 and then they dumped most of it into making Cyberpunk 2077. It also helps that they're massive fans of the IP.

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    If what I read is correct, the creator is making a Cyberpunk RED in response to them making the game and doing the source material justice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Androidpk View Post
    Think it's a new Rulebook but in Poland.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astray View Post
    Think it's a new Rulebook but in Poland.
    I think it's going to be released in the US and other countries as well.

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