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Thread: Massive Auction (100k-100m)

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    Default Massive Auction (100k-100m)

    Happened on a few end-game items, selling off most of the rest.

    ALL ITEMS HAVE BEEN SOLD. Thanks to everyone for their participation and interest.

    I've left up the items so that everyone can have a reference point for prices. 95% of these items sold for 3/4 (or much less) of what I bought them for.

    some elven battle armor - 180m
    8x (+37) plate, VHCP, less than normal max lightened at 30 lbs, fully unlocked Anfelt scripts, nice show alter

    some forest green brigadine armor - 25m
    6x (+27), HCP

    a saw-toothed elven claidhmore - 25m
    3x, max lightened at 6 lbs, fully unlocked Anfelt scripts, nice show alter

    a shining hoarfrost white orb - 20m
    +14 to spell aiming bonus (63 trains)

    a glowing skull-headed sledgehammer with a king cobra wrapped around it - 18m
    7x perfect maul, max lightened, snake zests, glowing alter

    some deep black golvern-edged armor - 12m
    8x augmented chain, max lightened, nice show alter

    a tight pink bodysuit burned with a compass rose - 10m
    6x fusion double leather, max lightened

    an oval-cut amber neckchain - 9m
    +5 bonus to logic stat (10 trains), +10 bonus to agility stat (55 trains), persist, imbeddable

    a bone-hilted jagged warsword primitively forged from drakar - 8m
    "Trolldeath," 5x, troll bane, max lightened, "read" show, ridiculous fire flares, one or two-handed, zests

    a burnished rowan runestaff burned with a compass rose - 6.25m
    4x runestaff with different flares depending on your region (ice in teras, fire in mule, acid in landing, lightning in EN), really long, ridiculously cool loresong

    a swirling cardinal red orb - 5m
    +10 dexterity stat

    a swirling cardinal red orb - 5m
    +11 strength stat (53 trains)

    a translucent spidersilk backpack - 5m
    holds VLA, max deepened, max lightened

    a wispy shroud sewn with a delicate baby's breath design - 4m
    holds LA, pin-worn

    a crimson sun-disk crest - 4m
    +3 to THW bonus, +4 to dodge bonus, imeddable, persist, headworn, elven spidersilk show

    an ancient mithril alloy mesh war harness - 4m
    holds MA, pin-worn, 5 lbs

    a celestial blue wizard's cloak - 4m
    unlocked zested weather cloak, holds VLA, max deepened, one away from max lightened, custom fastenings

    a carved kakore rune staff capped with a blue mermaid's-tear sapphire - 3.5m
    5x fusion

    a glyph-etched ora necklace - 3.5m
    +1 to aura bonus (7 trains), casts Mage Rechargeable Cloak of Shadows, persist

    some dark krodera-studded brigadine - 3m
    6x brigadine

    some somber grey leathers - 3m
    6x full leather

    an etched pewter bracelet - 2.5m
    +5 to logic, persist

    a golven mesh gem bag - 2m
    weighs less than 2, LA, belt-worn

    some golden casting gloves studded with vaalin suns - 2m
    fully unlocked wand gloves

    a hoarfrost white orb - 2m
    +9 to polearm bonus (27 trains)

    some tooled dark brown full leather - 1.75m
    5x fusion fulls

    a spear-marked hoarfrost white orb - 1.75m
    +8 to polearm weapons bonus (22 trains)

    a spidersilk gem pouch - 1m
    max lightened and deepened, show alter

    a strapless elven-worked bodice - 1m
    pin-worn, nice show alter, holds VSA

    some elven-worked body armor etched with swirling musical scales - 1m
    4x augmented chain, max lightened

    some celestial blue casting leathers studded with vaalin stars and moons - 1m
    4x fusion fulls, max lightened

    a carved pearwood case - 1m
    VLA container, when turned it changes to an embroidered chainsil reticule, an onyx-clasped coffee silk longcloak, a suede-strappe sturdy leather rucksack to be worn at different spots on your body

    a tiny black neckpouch - 1m
    holds MA, unstealable, neck-worn

    100 small glowing vials - 1m

    a spidersilk cloak - 1m
    3 or 4 lbs, holds VLA, max deepened, max lightened

    a dark suede jacket with iron-wrought closures - 500k
    VLA, shoulder-worn, +2 to wisdom stat, +2 to aura stat, persist

    an elven infantry harness - 300k
    Backworn, 3 lbs, holds and displays polearms, long scripts and show

    a jet-on-cream damask fascinator with a thin mesh veil - 300k
    Tier 3 unlocked, max lightened, zests, shown in the look description as part of the hair style, changes with each verb

    some mithril arm greaves trimmed in polished bronze - 300k
    +4 to Strength, +2 to Stamina Recovery, THW users only

    a thick silvery brown wolf fur coat - 250k
    VLA, zested, T4 EG prize

    a weathered black ash box - 250k
    unlocked Ranger box, permanent, produces a triangular black ash medallion

    a pair of thin dark green silk gloves embroidered with arrowheads - 250k
    +1 to ranged bonus

    a dwarven-crafted battle harness set with a deep blue diamond runestone - 250k
    MA, shoulder-worn

    a vultite katana - 200k
    4x, +6 to harness power bonus (13 trains), +11 to max mana (40 trains)

    spidersilk weapon harness - 200k
    holds MA, max deepened, max lightened, shoulder-worn

    a tattered grey battle-cloak - 200k
    VLA, shoulder-worn

    a mithril relic - 200k
    chrism holder, not just the typical one, 340 unlocked, specially attuned to Ronan

    veniom threaded harness - 200k
    holds LA, 4 lbs, shoulder-worn

    some shadowy vultite-toed boots - 150k
    4x UAC

    some shadowy vultite-studded gauntlets - 150k
    4x UAC

    some scarred spiked full leather - 150k
    3x, temporarily heavily crit padded, incredible amount of uses

    a driftwood-hafted vultite raiding axe - 100k
    4x fusion, handaxe

    some tooled light leather - 100k
    5x, +1 to wisdom bonus (4), persist

    a pair of silvery mithril-scaled gauntlets - 100k
    +1 to THW bonus

    a loosely woven spidersilk sack - 100k

    a folded black canvas tent - 100k
    creates a private tent

    a faenor leaf-inlaid white oak scabbard - 100k
    a property identifying scabbard

    a pair of dark green faenor-scaled gauntlets - 100k
    +1 to pole arm bonus

    a patinated sorrel leather satchel secured with a black willow clasp - 50k
    LA, T4 EG prize, zests

    a slender cobalt mithril scabbard with a gold-rimmed throat - 50k
    property identifying scabbard

    a glyph-etched drakar warlance with a stout ebonwood haft - 50k
    4x fire flares

    a sturdy acid-etched claidhmore with drooping ring-finial quillions - 25k
    old, old box-found item

    a veniom-bound kidskin sack - 25k
    belt-worn, MA, max lightened and deepened

    an ash-hilted drakar stiletto with a glyph-etched firestone pommel - 25k
    5x fire flares
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    That maul almost makes me want to reactivate and deal with Simu's bullshit...


    Nice stuff!
    I got 99 problems, but a Nyx ain't one.

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    MB: 3m on W4
    Rose-covered dark stone boutique East Monir Road
    Lich Room ID: 15100

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    O1. some golden casting gloves studded with vaalin suns

    you need thicker skin
    prep 520
    cast Mark

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    MB C11
    [LNet]-GSIV:Aizaraii: "I'm all for killing animals, we can settle with saying vegetarians are retarded"
    A twisted being's throat glows green as it opens its mouth, loosing a blast of acid that scours the entire room!
    The acid splashes over you!
    ... 63 points of damage!
    Acid bath empties chest. It's a lot cleaner now.

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    MB on C10

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    "hah good luck getting anyone to gift with your red rep... if you have people giving you good references might help to link it to the auction"

    Thanks for the negative rep I guess. Anyway, my in game name is Astinos and while I may RP a prick if anyone has dealt with me via transactions (and there have been quite a few), they can vouch that I have never cheated anyone.

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    I can totally vouch for this guy but, since this is the internet I don't know how much that will do for you.
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    FYI - had a smooth transaction with him today, if that helps. He even assessed the crit padding on the brig, as I was skeptical too due to his red rep. But everything went fine, if that helps others be more at ease in purchasing.
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    A1: MB
    Bremerial God'thor

    Valinda accepts Aneris's embalmed puppy.
    Valinda blinks.
    Valinda frowns at an embalmed puppy.
    Aneris accepts Valinda's puppy pelt pantaloons.
    Speaking to Valinda, Aneris says, "Thanks again.... I'll be back with more dead puppies if I happen tah find yah around."
    Valinda says, "Nooo."
    Valinda exclaims, "Ive filled my dead puppy quota, sorry!"

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