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Thread: 4x runestaff, unlocked permanentized bazzlewyn wand-holder

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    Default 4x runestaff, unlocked permanentized bazzlewyn wand-holder

    A carved dark red oak staff
    4x (+20)
    You can attach a wand to the top of it, and then wave staff at <target> as you would have if the wand was in your hand (works for wave and raise items only)
    Unlike those sold off the shelf, it will work forever without needing repairs
    Sold to Nasimoj for 1M
    Auction will go to Sunday evening (30th) or until 24 hours after last bid, whichever is later

    Unlocked scripts:

    Put wand in: You pull out the retaining pins on the segmented cap and place the wand in the hollow tip of your staff. Turning a small peg, you close the tip tightly around the wand. (becomes ‘a carved dark red oak staff tipped with a golden wand’)

    Look staff: The dark red oak staff is capped with an apparatus of two interlocked rings and three triangular segments that come together at a sharp angle. The springs appear to be in absolutely pristine and perfect condition. A golden wand is clamped in to the mechanism, its tip extending past the end of the staff.

    Get wand from: You loosen the retaining pins and open the segmented mouth of the staff's tip, retrieving the wand from within.

    Lean: You lean against your dark red oak staff, casually wrapping a hand around the apparatus perched on its tip.

    Pull: Holding one elbow loosely at an angle, you let the dark red oak staff rest casually in the crook of your elbow.

    Push: Grasping the dark red oak staff strongly in one clenched fist, you push it out before you, holding it parallel to the floor.
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    I believe that qualifies as going once.

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    Going twice, taking bids for the rest of today.

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    Sold, please get in touch with Dergoatean in game.

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